View Full Version : E.A.R., Inc Insta-Mold ear plugs

Jim V
November 20, 2001, 08:33 PM
Well, today I had two pairs of the EAR Insta-Mold ear plugs made. These are custom ear plugs that are molded to your ears. Total time for two pairs of plugs was about an hour. The plugs sit in the outer ear and go only a short way down the ear canal. Since I could get the plugs in various colors I had one pair made in blue and the other in beigh (neutral). EAR offers these plugs in glow in the dark and in colors that change as you are wearing them.

I have a comfort problem with plugs that extend very far down the ear canal as well as developing ear infections from wearing that type of plug. The Insta-Plugs are very comfortable and, since these are replacement plugs for the pair of Insta-Molds I lost, I know that I should not be bothered with ear infections.

E.A.R., Inc. offers a large number of different hearing protection devices besides the Insta-Mold plugs. They even have an on the web hearing test.

I recommend their products (at least the Insta-Molds plugs) highly.