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November 15, 2001, 01:35 PM
I've been to one Cowboy Shoot. This was held by a small club and is only held once a year.
I was on my way home from another blackpowder shoot and we happened to see a sign. So I stopped. They provided a reb revolver and a target for a buck a throw.
I shot one side match and was disqualified for fanning.
I was allowed to shoot again and did very well.
Since that day I've wanted to shoot a Cowboy event but can't get many straight anwsers.
I shoot blackpowder rifles/shotguns/pistols. I love the smell, the dirt and the big white puffy clouds they make.
At these SAS events:
Is there a strictly Blackpowder catagory?
I have heard of the Duelist catagory what does that consist of?
Are there alot of side matches like in other shoots?
Basically fellas I'm lookin' for a break down of what I need and what I need to get, but I want to stay loyal to my white cloud makers.
Any help you can provide will be greatly appriciated.

November 15, 2001, 05:29 PM
There are two blackpowder categories. BP cartridge and Frontiersman. Frontiersman shoots C&B revolvers.

Duelist shoots revolvers one handed.

Check out:


Angel Diamond
November 15, 2001, 05:31 PM
There are 2 Blackpowder categories recoginzed in SASS. There is the Frontier Cartridge and Frontiersman. Shooting Frontier Cartridge you shoot all guns using BP loaded cartridges. You may shoot in either the traditional style (2 handed) or duelist but the shooting style is not separated so traditional will be more competitive. You must shoot traditional pistols (fixed sights) The Frontiersman category shoots cap & ball pistols and BP cartridges in the rifle & shotgun. This must be shot duelist. The off hand can not cock or support the shooting hand. Both of these categories require either a side by side or lever shotgun. You cannot use a '97 pump.

Check with your local clubs as some clubs do not recognize all the SASS categories. It usually depends on how many folks they have that want to shoot in these categories.

There is a duelist class which is considered a smokeless powder category. You can shoot BP in this class but you will be at a disadvantage against the other shooters. Again, you need fixed sight pistols.

There is a Modern Category where pistols such as the Rugar Blackhawks with adjustable sights can be used.

Side matches vary from match to match. Some local monthly matches do not have side matches and others do. The ones that do are usually either speed pistol, rifle or shotgun. The club I shoot with has a morning and an afternoon side match. The annual 3 and 4 day matches will usually have side matches the first day and the main match over the next 2 days.

Hope this answers some of your questions.

Angel Diamond