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November 15, 2001, 12:29 AM
Just received my new rail mount and wanted to post a note to see if anyone else had one of these or have seen them. Looking forward to the next shotgun match to give this a try under real world (IDPA) scenarios.

The mount itself is anodized aluminum and machined to fit the Benelli magazine tube and barrel to tighten up the front end of the shotgun. From the factory, the stamped steel band leaves something to be desired, and I always thought this was a cheap solution for a mag tube mount.

The new mount has a 1913 rail on the right side and allows me to mount my SureFire 6Z in a standard weaver rail. This is a good solution for night engagements, and also allows for mounting of all kinds of other accessories. If you're interested in checking out the mounts for other shotguns other than the Benelli series, take a look here:


The other models for Mossberg 500 and 590 have a sling point on the left side which makes it easier to attach a forward sling mount.

November 15, 2001, 01:09 AM
Just a side note, the sidearmor shotgun light mounts re ambidextrous so you can mount your light on whatever side you want ;)

November 22, 2001, 11:26 AM
Well? How do you like it? Is it easy to reach the switch? I ordered one for my 870 and I am wondering how easy it is to work the shotgun controls and the light.

November 23, 2001, 08:41 PM
I like it a lot. It adds quite a bit more utility to this gun, since it rarely came out a night without a light mounted. On top of that, I didn't want to spend the $300 for the SureFire M1S90 foregrip that didn't look quite right, and also didn't illuminate the front sight, as I wanted.

The Sidearmor product is certainly built to last and is so simple (3 parts, plus 2 screws) that you really can't screw it up. I have a lot of confidence in the design, also, because those two screws are torqued down to hold onto the mag tube, too, keeping it all straight at the front of the shotgun.

I haven't done any training classes with mine, or anything, but feel that I'd be much more prepared with the light mounted appropriately. HTH,

November 23, 2001, 09:36 PM
That's cool but I really am interested in knowing if you can reach the light controls easily without compromising control of the SG.
I'll know soon enough since I already ordered mine but I was curious as to how you found yours.

November 26, 2001, 04:56 PM
Sidearmor has good stuff, as always. Just be careful when using a non-shock isolated light with the above accessory -- with your Surefire 6Z, the light bezel, batteries and light body are not recoil-proof as with the Surefire Responder shotgun light. Heavy recoil (such as that produced by a shotgun) can kill your light at an extremely inopportune time (thanks Murphy) if proper shock isolation is not incorporated into the light.

If I get a chance, I'll take a digital photo of the Duracell 123A from my Surefire E1 that has dropped onto the pavement three times -- you can see how that light impact has squashed the positive battery terminal and could prevent reliable actuation of the light. Imagine that compared to the recoil of a 12 gauge shotgun....