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November 11, 2001, 06:47 AM
I'm thinking to get a new shotgun. I have read that the good brands are Mossberg, Remington, Benelli and Winchester. I have had very little experience with shotguns. The color must be all black and I want a short shotgun. (even if its L.E. only in U.S. because I live in the Philippines) I cannot decide if its gonna be pump or semi. Please also tell me the price for the guns you recommend.

Dave McC
November 11, 2001, 07:41 AM
I gather you need a "Serious" shotgun, things must be even more unsettled than usual in the islands there.

All the brands you mention are good. My choice is the 870. In your shoes, I'd get an 18" bbled 870, add a two shot extension, get the stock fitting you, and upgrade the bead sight( if necessary) to make it visible in low light scenarios. I'd avoid the bbls shorter than 18", even if legal for you. Muzzle flash from the shorties is blinding in low light with most ammo.


November 11, 2001, 09:41 AM
Since you're new here go to the top right hand corner of the page and select search. Under search, use the name Dave McC and search the shotgun forum. You'll find everything you need to know.

How valid is Dave's advice? If Dave started a thread saying that today is the right time to invest in property in Afganistan 99% of us would believe him no questions asked. The man (Dave) is almost a god when it comes to shotguns.

Dave McC
November 11, 2001, 02:39 PM
"Flattery will get you anything"- Mae West....

Golly, RAE, I'm touched. Thanks....

Glad I can help some folks out. I've been doing this quite a while,have learned some things form a lot of mentors, and I like to pass the karma along....

November 11, 2001, 02:45 PM
Whatever you choose, don't forget to go to school. The weapon is meaningless without the operator.

November 11, 2001, 02:51 PM
RAE is correct.. Dave knows his shotguns.
I would also recommend the 870 with an 18" barrel for HD, its an excellent choice.
And if you ever have any questions or problems with it, just post a message saying, "Dave McC 870 Help Needed" :D

I know this because he has helped me numerous times, and always gave me good advice.


November 11, 2001, 04:42 PM
Definetly go with the 870. Get it with an 18" barrel and +2 extension. I was stationed in the Phillippines from '88 thru '90, and I would most certainly want a "Serious" shotgun along with a "Serious" carbine. But then again, I saw the way some of them Negritos managed their slingshots , bolo knives and snares.

November 12, 2001, 02:01 AM
Dont forget the Winchester M1300. I'm going to get one of those soon in the compact model. For some reason it just felt sooo much better than the 870. I think I remember the action being smoother too! Though I could have gotten them mixed up when I compared them first hand. BTW, The Compact has a 24" bbl, which i think it still short enough for home defense but still long enough for hunting. What are your thoughts on that? At 24" it still seemed quite menuverable.

Dave McC
November 12, 2001, 05:47 AM
Young, except for long range pass shooting, bbl length is a personal choice. An 18" bbled 870 does a great imitation of a quail gun, and I've been knocking down a fair number of snow geese with a 21" bbled 870. Blast and flash are pronounced, no other downside.

And KSF has it right, the hardware is useless w/o training and practice, practice, practice....

November 12, 2001, 09:06 AM
Ever play pool? I did at one time a number of years ago. I wasn't any great player, but did well enough to drink a few more beers than I had to buy for someone else. Even though we had a table at home, and I practiced just about every night on it, I never managed to get to the point where Min, Fats or Willie Musckoni(sp) would have anything to worry about. One day, I played a game for $20.00 with a guy I worked with. I learned more in that one game than I did in all the time before,,, combined. What I'm sayin here is that playing for the money is something that darned few of us will ever do. When someone that has played for the money talks, then it's best to listen. No hollow praise here my friend, just honest true respect.

Dave McC
November 12, 2001, 12:29 PM
Thanks.BTW, never was good at pool.

Surviving some close calls does alter one's mindset. Experience is the best teacher, but some of the lessons cost a lot.

Ever hear the definition of adventure?

Someone else having a hard way to go, someplace else.....

November 12, 2001, 07:28 PM

What brands can you get in the Phillipines? I believe Remington & Mossberg are common there. Get either one in a pump action and they'll both work for you. Pump is probably more reliable under adverse conditions, you'll still likely be able to work the action if it's a little rusty while I wouldn't be as comfortable about semiautos. (I have both)

While you want black, may I suggest a marine or stainless finish because of the high humidity and temperatures there? Wouldn't want your weapon to rust out right when you most needed it.

November 14, 2001, 03:56 AM
I mean all black shotgun as in black stock, black forend grip, black barrel, black everything. Please recommend me those kind of shotguns.

Dave McC
November 14, 2001, 07:21 AM
SHOCK, a Remington 870 with synthetic stock and forend, a 2 shot extension, and plenty of practice will do your mission. Good luck....

Cavè Canem
November 14, 2001, 08:51 PM
Mossberg 500A with a 20" bbl and a 7 + 1 capacity or a MB 590 with an 8 + 1 capacity(i think)

I have the 500A mentioned above. Great weapon. I paid $250 for it. Maybe a little much but I love it.

If I knew how to post pics I would post one of my baby. :D

November 15, 2001, 07:25 AM
Also, Please tell me what weaponlight to use in my shotgun of choice.

Cavè Canem
November 15, 2001, 04:49 PM
Uh, you can pick them up for cheap or for a lot of money. I think they are pretty usless but thats me.

Ive seen them in Cheaper than dirt and brownells. They also order them from a local Sporting Goods store but they are $250+. I also think they look cheesy.

November 15, 2001, 06:46 PM
Shock. Check out www.firinglineinc.com. Follow to Remington 870P. I think you'll find what you're looking for and their pricing is great. I just picked up an 870 Marine for $450 shipped.

November 15, 2001, 06:49 PM
hopefully, the pic is attached. Get an extension to 7 shots and you're ready to rock 'n roll

November 19, 2001, 03:21 PM
Get a 870 with a 20" barrel with choke tubes, rifle sights, you can use IC for buckshot or slugs, or a full or super full choke for longer range buckshot shooting. A Choate 7-shot mag extension,Choate mark5 full lenghth pistol grip stock, the ultimate shotgun.