View Full Version : Rich, SWAT/TFL calander?

November 9, 2001, 02:41 PM
Rich, have you given any thought about having a SWAT or TFL wall calander? Guns & Ammo did one last year. It would give us cubicle dwellers something good to put on our wall at work. :)

Rich Lucibella
November 9, 2001, 02:56 PM
Great idea, Larry.
Next year maybe.

November 9, 2001, 05:21 PM
Rich, I nominate MP Freeman as Mr. June. The photo will be him in his basement cleaning his wife's pistol as she complies a list of chores for him to do in the background. "Matthew, the concrete needs scrubbing with your toothbrush.'

4V50 Gary
November 15, 2001, 06:57 PM
What about our member whose wife saw how packed the gunsafe was? A photo of her wide eyed showing surprised mixed with anger and his sheepish grin would be worth a millon bucks.

November 18, 2001, 11:19 PM
e-publish it as a Word document.

November 18, 2001, 11:20 PM
e-publish it as a Word document. All you need are judges for the images.

November 26, 2001, 03:03 PM
You should commission Oleg to do the images. :) Not just decorative, but functional -- drive the anti in the next cubicle nutz.


November 28, 2001, 11:48 AM
This is a great idea. I would happily fork over the bucks for one.

(One suggestion - just have the pics of guns. As much as I like to see young ladies in bikinis, they don't belong in a calendar dedicated to guns and RKBA. Besides which, my wife would never let me hand it on a wall.)

November 28, 2001, 12:21 PM
I agree that there shouldnt be bikini clad girls but I doubt you would do that anyways seeing as how you bought the mag from Larry Flynt. Personally I do like CT unit pictures raiding buildings and the like. Basically Dick Kramer type stuff.

November 28, 2001, 12:32 PM
Right! No bikinis!

(Hmmm. :confused: )

George Hill
December 14, 2001, 11:38 AM
Oh come on!

December 15, 2001, 02:11 AM
Right! No bikinis!OK then, it's official, nude it is!

- Gabe

Rich Lucibella
December 15, 2001, 02:14 AM

December 15, 2001, 05:01 AM

Perhaps TWO calendars? One rated "G" and one "PG".

No, George, no lower than PG-13!

December 15, 2001, 07:39 AM
In the spirit of compromise, how 'bout Dick Kramer style photos of bikini clad SWAT guys?
Well, maybe not....

Oleg Volk
December 17, 2001, 04:18 PM
I am going to make "deadlier than TFL male" screen saver in early 2002.

December 17, 2001, 07:14 PM
I'm such a fan of the double braids [sighing loudly].

December 17, 2001, 07:56 PM
HEY!! (He says three days later!)

They're wearin' GUNS!!

Well now... ain't that sumthin'!! : awe :


December 18, 2001, 02:14 AM
Well, allright George, maybe a few bikinis.

December 19, 2001, 01:24 AM
How 'bout, instead of a "calander", a SWAT/TFL "colander"? It could be used for rinsing one's mellons.

January 22, 2002, 11:17 AM
Do you KNOW those two, George?