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November 8, 2001, 03:41 PM
I am getting ready for my first duck hunt in 20 years. I have new gun and new guage since then. I only hunted once after the steel shot mandates came out.
I am trying to find the best shot and choke combo to use in my new rem 870.
question is this: Winchester makes the same loads (3 inch,1-1/4 ounces, steel) in both the "super-x drylok" and the "xpert" series of steel ammo.
what is the difference between the xpert and super-x, and is it worth a 33% premium cost ($9.00 vs $12.00) for the super-x?

November 8, 2001, 05:46 PM
I used the #2 X-pert for geese in September. I was using a 28" barreled Mossberg 500 with the Mossberg extended full choke steel tube (constriction about the same as their modified Accu-II tube). It performed well inside 35 yds, but outside of that, I wouldn't recommend it. I tried pass shooting with it with less than stellar results, due in part to the small shot size, but mostly due to a ragged pattern in my gun(I checked this out). Probably the best steel you can get is Kent's Fasteel (runs about300-400fps faster than the Winchester). It's not that you need the energy per-say, it's more that the slower steel just doesn't retain speed well at a distance.

November 8, 2001, 07:48 PM

Steel is actually initially faster for an equivalent density (not to be confused with same weight), but doesn't retain its speed (& subsequent energy) due to the less dense material.

Each pellet loses its energy & speed quicker than will lead of same individual pellet size.

Pattern to decide what'll work for your specific firearm/ammo combo - Only way to be sure at your shooting range. If hunting over deekes, pattern at 20-30 yards or so. Pass shooting'll kick that quite a bit further out.

I did run across a 3" Win load of 1-3/8oz of #3s that was a great blend in my shooter/modified choke for mallards, etc. Gone now & can't find it anywhere.

Steel does tend to shoot a bit tighter with any given choke.

November 12, 2001, 03:05 PM
Since your on the subject of steel shot, I have an older 10Guage Double Barrel shotgun that was made back in the 60's. My question is this, is it safe to shoot steel shot or should I go with Bismuth or something else. Im gonna try and get up north next season for some Goose hunting and was planning on using the 10 Guage instead of my 12. Any suggestions?

Will Beararms
November 12, 2001, 04:01 PM
DO NOT USE XPERT. It is a second-rate product. The shot are out of round. Pay the extra for Drylock and go with #2 shot in 3" Magnum or 3.5 if you have it.

As far as a choke, your owner's manual may state this but MODIFIED is the way to go. Modified works better with steel shot.

How do I know this? (A) I grew up in Arkansas in the home of a ravenous duck hunter. (B) The gentleman that calls the shots in our duck hole cut open a Xpert and a Drylok and examined the shot. (C) The modified choke this is common knowledge.

I hunt with a Beretta 390 but the 870 is never too far away. My 870 is the most dependable. You made a good choice for a duck gun. Good luck hunting.

Will Beararms
November 12, 2001, 04:14 PM
More thoughts: a guy from Louisiana who I respect named Phil Robertson and known as the Duck Commander gives sage advice: never shoot any further than 35 yards. I agree. Keep your face covered with face paint or one of those mesh turkey hunting head nets as well.

12 Gauge 1 1/4 or 1 3/8 #2 Dryloks will do you fine. BTW, if you are looking for an easy-to-blow, very ducky call, try the Duck Commander Smoke (www.duckcommander.com). Phil is a straight shooter and a Godly Man. His calls have this raspy, ducky sound that I cannot get from any call no matter how high the price. Internet orders are shipped freight allowed and will be to you in two to three days.