View Full Version : High Standard Elite King Special Model K-200-help

November 4, 2001, 08:00 PM
hi i am borrowing a pretty nice shotgun from my g-pa right now and may buy it later but its a 20 gauge High Standard Elite King Special Model K-200-that says on the barrel.. it also says can take 2 3/4 and 3 inch magnum-do u guys know anything about these? prices? and websites or other places for info? thanks


Dave McC
November 5, 2001, 05:01 AM
Sorry, Joe, but....

High Standard made terrific target pistols and bad shotguns. I had one briefly. The action bars tend to break, the triggers were heavy, gritty and spongy. After maybe having it 2 years, I realized it had been operable maybe 6 months out of that time and sold it to someone I didn't like.

However, if it shoots for you and you like it, it's probably worth $150-200 in very good shape.

November 5, 2001, 10:14 PM
this should work pretty good-grandmpa has to have had it for about 15+ years and he has all functioning nice condition guns-this has almost no dings or any thing wrong.-it might be the same gun my aunt used to take pheasant with like 10-15 years ago-i'm gonna call my uncle tomorrow and see if its the same one and talk to him for a while-ttyl Joseph

November 7, 2001, 04:00 PM
I sold one of these guns at a garage sale for $125, and I was glad to get the money. The barrel is fixed. You cannot remove it even to clean the gun. Mine had an adjustable choke that lost springs, clips, etc. with regularity. It shot OK but balanced like a club. That said, I have heard that a national skeet championship was won with one.

Give me an Ithaca or Remington any day.