View Full Version : Degreasing a new revolver

November 3, 2001, 11:28 PM
I'm picking up a new Taurus CIA revolver next week. I normally like to disassemble, degrease and lube (Breakfree) any new gun.

I have been warned not to take the sideplate off of the Taurus, tho wasn't given a compelling reason.

Should I remove the sideplate, or will I get a big surprise? Recommendations on how to clean before firing?


November 4, 2001, 08:31 AM
There should be no reason for you to remove the sideplate.
If you want to sometime do not pry it open.
Here is the way to do it:
Remove the grips. Remove the crane screw and pull out the cylinder. remove the other two screws holding the sideplate on. Turn the revolver over so the opposite side (not the plate side) is facing up. Tap with a rawhide hammer untill the sideplate falls free.
The hammer block will come out with it, but it is easy to put back in place.
reassy about the reverse.

November 4, 2001, 06:22 PM
I just purchased a new Taurus Titaninum revolver and took the sideplate off to clean it. No problem other than you should be aware that the cylinder crane has a small spring and plunger at the end that insers into the frame. Be careful that you do not lose them. S&W revolvers don't have this part and it confused me on the first one I saw. The plunger holds pressure against the cylinder locking bolt. There was a lot of grease inside!!! I sprayed mine down with WD40. :)