View Full Version : glass bedding Remington 700

November 2, 2001, 11:54 PM
I have a Remington 700 in .308 Win. (Model ??? It loads from the top, bolt open, thru the receiver, as opposed to the trap door mag from the bottom.) I want to shoot targets at least 100 yrds plus (6oo yds when my club expands the range that far). My questions are: will I gain a lot of accuracy by glassbedding? Is it hard to do? Any kits to recomend or stay away from? The stock is wood. The trigger is stock, and I reload so I can improve some what with a trigger job of some sort and work up a 'perfect' load. Thanks for any ideas. PS- Do synthetic stocks benifit from glassbedding? Rounder

George Stringer
November 3, 2001, 10:22 AM
Rounder, you should gain accuracy by glass bedding. With a 700 and especially with a synthetic stock I'd recommend you pillar bed. George

Cain R
November 5, 2001, 01:36 AM
Glass bedding is relatively simple. There are kits available to bed just one rifle or several. The instructions are pretty basic. If using a wood stock, rough up the areas around the recoil lug, under the reciever etc, use lots of release agent and follow the directions. In someof my rifles, glass bedding has taken off 1/2-3/4" in group sizes. Basic glass bedding is fairly easy for a first timer. Pillar bedding is a little more complicted but will usually give even better and more consistent results than regular bedding. But I would leave that after you've mastered regular bedding.