View Full Version : New sights, Opinions?

November 2, 2001, 11:01 PM
I just was offered a new set of LPA sights windage and elevation
Adjustable . Does any body have any experience with this company? Also how do I remove my rear sight from my Smith 910
With out damaging the pistol (dovetail mount, no screws holding it in place). Last question, am I better off just leaving the factory Novak lo-mount three dot sights in place?Any help you guys can offer would be appreciated:D

November 2, 2001, 11:23 PM
LPA is an OEM from Italy that does a lot of companies' sights for them. Among their clientele and products are the sights for the Sig Sport series.

They were marketed in this country by MecGar - the magazine manufacturer.

Now they are being marketed by PSI - Precision Sights International - which is a subsidiary of MecGar.

As for the quality of the sight, it really depends on the model you are getting. http://www.precisionsights.com/sightsmain.html
Will take you to their sight page. The TPU series are pretty light weight and I really don't care for them. They are OEMed on the CZ Kadet .22 rimfires. The TR series is the same as the SPR models without the front sight. I have one of these on a Sig and they are used on the Sig Sport Series as well. The TRT series is currently used on the CZ75 Champion race gun. They are an excellent sight and very comparable to a BoMar. The TRT series requires milling and drilling of the pistol. The other series should be a drop in or close to it.

In general they make decent sights. The only problem I have is that other than the TRT series there is a lot of air between the base of the sight and the pistol. On most of the ones I have used you may get up to .026" space between the top of the dovetail and the bottom of the forward part of the sight. To me, that makes an unsightly installation with that much air. I haven't done it - maybe George, Jim, or the others have - and that is to shim the forward part of the sight to eliminate most of the air space. I was thinking of using shim stock and some Black Max Loctite to attach it to the forward part of the sight prior to installation in the dovetail.