View Full Version : Where to buy 12G multi-purpose type shells?

November 2, 2001, 10:39 PM
Howdy team,
I am looking for a place to buy 12 Gauge 7 1/2 or 8 shot, 1 1/8 OZ mult-purpose or general purpose or whatever for clay hunting.
I have been buying the Federal Multi-Purpose at Wally World and while I am happy with the ammo, I am not really a fan of that particular establishment.
I usually buy all my ammo through ammoman but they only sell buckshot and slugs.
Is there a good place online to buy birdshot?
I have tried to wade through the cheaperthandirt online store but it is a terrible web page with a terrible search engine.
Any links would be appreciated.

Dave McC
November 3, 2001, 09:33 AM
Try Natchez Shooting Supply or Gamaliel(gamaliel. com) Sorry, don't have the link to Natchez.

Chuck Graber
November 3, 2001, 06:01 PM
On the whole Walmart is very supportive to the hunting and shooting community. It is certainly better than Kmart in that regard.

They keep the local gunshops from overcharging and very often have at least one reasonably knowlegable salesperson to answer questions.

Granted no organization of that size is going to do everything that suits the shooting public, but they on the whole a very good job. They are a place you can go friday night for supplies before a saturday morning hunt and stand a real good chance of finding what you want.

Just curious.
Chuck Graber

November 3, 2001, 06:28 PM
Natchez Shooting Supply's link is http://www.natchezss.com/

November 3, 2001, 08:51 PM


Chuck Graber
November 4, 2001, 08:56 AM
Thanks Mike,
Looks like your local chains manager is out of control. Central Kansas Walmarts have given no problems in this regard. If you want another source for your ammo, go for it.

Charles Graber