View Full Version : Mauser ID question

Little Buck
November 2, 2001, 02:40 PM
A friend has given me a rifle to take to a gun show tomorrow to sell.
It is a Mauser in 22-250 with a sporter weight 24 in. bbl. Left side of receiver says "G.33/40". Top side of receiver says "DOT" and "1942" (those are between and behind the forward scope base screw holes).
The stock is a beautiful piece of wood with a very pronounced monte-carlo cheek piece and angled end cap line of darker wood. A similar cap is on the pistol grip portion of the stock.
Overall bluing is 95%. Wood is 95%+. Action is glass smooth.
Can someone give me some guidance on this rifle? He wants $400 out of it. Is it worth that? More? Should I give him four bills and keep it myself?
Thanks for any and all responses.

November 2, 2001, 03:42 PM
The manufacturer's code "dot" shows it was made by Waffenwerke Brunn in occupied Czechoslovakia, but as far as "what is it worth?", it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Helpful, huh?