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November 1, 2001, 11:33 PM
Besides practice and more practice, does anyone have some good advice on refining skills in pistol grip shotgun training and shooting?

I know most consider pg's to be unnesesary and difficult and painful to to use but all said, I would like see how proficiant I can become with this type of weapon


Dave McC
November 2, 2001, 05:17 AM
Snort, snort, wheeze(clutching chest).....


Grip the weapon(?) firmly and face the target. Take a small step forward with your support side foot and bend that knee so that you're leaning forward. Hold that atrocity so that your strong side forearm is parallel to the deck and your support side arm grips the forearm and is straight, with the elbow locked. If your support side elbow is not locked, the shot will invariably go high/left.

(Sarcasm Mode on)
After completing your COF, note that results were mediocre or worse. Make sure your weapon is empty and safe, remove the PG and install a real stock, just like G*d intended.Reshoot the COF from either shoulder and note all the holes in the target, not the nearby area.
(Sarcasm Mode off)...

Al Thompson
November 2, 2001, 06:30 AM
Morning Speed!

There are a couple of things that help when your rocking and rolling with a PG shotgun. I've had a few and found that there are some things that work well.

Caveat - not up to McC standards, but I'm a fairly strong person and these things worked for me.

Dave has the straight info on non-sighted firing in his post. When I played with PGs I raised the SG to eye level to take advantage of the sights. My finding was that if you kept a lot of pressue on the gun by shoving forward with the hand on the forearm and pulling back with the hand on the pistol grip, you could stabilize the SG. These dynamics are directly opposite of the ones used for a two handed grip for a handgun. With my build, this usually had my left hand (on the forearm) straight and my right arm bent at the elbow.

Start with cheapo birdshot loads and work your way up to the heavier recoiling loads.

Recoil management is more a matter of guiding the gun in a comfortable direction that absorbing or stopping it. When the SG hits the peak of it's recoil, that's when I pump it to have the gun ready to go again when it gets locked back into the shooting position.

I competed in a couple of shotgun matches with a PG SG and did OK. It is doable, just takes more ammo/time and some analysis of what works for you to be competent.



November 2, 2001, 10:02 AM
As usual, Dave McC has it right. If you find that you must use a PG-only shotgun, the critical part is to keep your support arm straight.

It feels weird and it looks weird but if you don't you're going to send the shot pattern over the guy's shoulder and into orbit somewhere.


November 2, 2001, 01:08 PM
Thanks for the advice gents,

Please understand that I'm not trying to turn the pg shotgun into somthing it's not, I'm just messing around.

It is my nature to try to develope proper teqnique whether it be firearms training,sports,or for that matter spittin off my fire escape at crack heads and drug dealers!

Any way I understand the general limmitations of the pg but for now I'm just havin some fun.