View Full Version : New 870 Express Super Mag or Used 870 Wingmaster?

November 1, 2001, 05:06 PM
Hey guys, I am sorry if this is a double post (or triple or quadruple..), but was wondering if it was worth getting a used 870 wingmaster super mag over a new 870 express super mag. I am getting my first shotgun, so I hope to get one that will oulast me. I know the two guns are practically the same internally, but is the 870 wingmaster worth the extra money? :confused: I plan to use this as a general purpose gun; for small critters, deer, occasional waterfowl. And to me, looks aren't everything. An 870 express super mag synthetic is pretty enough for me. I can't really spend more than about $375, so that rules out a new wingmaster. I want a 3.5" gun, so please keep the info about these guns. If you know of a good, no great 3.5" gun, I'm all ears. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for putting up with a newbie.

November 1, 2001, 05:55 PM
If you want a 3.5" chamber, go with the express super duper mag. I don't believe that any wingmaster has ever been made in that config.

November 1, 2001, 07:30 PM
The used Wingmasters are probably 2 3/4 or 3" chambers. They are better guns IMHO than the 870s being made now.

Why 3.5"? 3" is adequate for any hunting you want to do. 3.5" is useless in my estimation. Just another sales gimmick. 3.5" shells pattern poorly from what I have heard.

Besides the 3.5" gun has some extra parts that can cause problems. The bolt is modified to handle the extra length shells.

And 3.5" shells just hafta hurt:mad:

Dave McC
November 2, 2001, 05:00 AM
Used WMs are superb shotguns. I'd go for the classic and not worry about the 3.5 capability.

Sorry if this runs counter to anyone's pet theories, but almost all folks that have patterned these howitzer loads report bad patterns. Too much shot through a bore of given size is still too much.

And since there's now alternatives to steel, not much need. I used to knock down a fair amount of Canadas with 1 1/8 oz of 3s. When I went to a 12 ga, it was 1 1/4 or 1 3/8 oz of 2s that did the trick. Dinky li'l 2 3/4" shells work well within 45 yards.

And, none of the stuff you list NEEDS even a 3" mag except waterfowl.

$375 should get you a classic WM and a second bbl for deer. Might even have change left over for ammo, or placating your SO with a nice dinner out.