View Full Version : I actually got sold something today! Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Will Beararms
October 30, 2001, 02:11 AM
I had a pair of Ray Ban Gold Outdoorsmans with the loops for probably 12 years. They got lifted by baggage handlers in NJ at Newark Int'l. Shortly afterwards, I picked up a pair of Ray Ban Black Outdoorsmans and within a week the things were falling apart. I called Ray Ban and they wanted me to send in $10.00 to have them repaired----------no thanks I went to a lenscrafters and had it done for free.

I bounded around from pair to pair of cheap sunglasses knowing that Ray Ban was not even an option after the last experience. I walked into Bass Pro in Dallas this PM dead set on Oakleys. I encountered a nice lady who actually sold me something. She explained that not all Oakleys are polarized and even the high end Oaks only have four coatings while the Costa Del Mar has eight with a lifetime warranty.

I picked up the Costa Del Mar fathoms and thanked the lady for selling instead of taking an order. I spent more than I had planned for but I walked away knowing I had mad a sound decsion on a product that has a lifetime warranty. I found out later that the woman works two jobs--------------Lord I hope she gets paid commission.

October 30, 2001, 07:26 AM
Will, did you get the rose colored ones? I believe that is the shade of the lenses. My optometrist sells those. Perfect for shooting.

Will Beararms
October 30, 2001, 09:16 PM
Hey Puppy:

Those rose colored are vermillion. I got the amber since I can use them in the sun, fishing and still go indoors and not be blind.

October 31, 2001, 02:22 AM
My optometrist didn't have all the styles available so I was going to search some of those out.

Yeah, I hate to look at the world through rose colored glasses ;)

November 3, 2001, 10:58 PM
Those are nice glasses. If I make it back down to the Gulf Coast as I hope to, I'm going to have a pair for surfcasting and fishing the flats.