View Full Version : Shorter pump handle = potential action bar damage?

October 27, 2001, 10:39 PM
I really like the looks of the shorter "corn cob" pump handles like the older police 870's but I am worried about exposing so much of the action bars.
Are the bars more prone to be bent with the shorter stock or am I just paranoid?

Dave McC
October 28, 2001, 08:14 AM
I've never seen an action bar put out of, uh, action, Mike. This, IMO, is a non issue.

I like the coontail(Corncob) handle also.

October 28, 2001, 08:25 AM
Could someone enlighten me and tell me what a "corncob" pump handle is?

Also I have seen the new 870 Express Police Magnum and they look the same as the standard 870, I was told the components in the trigger assembly are more durable, and I see its a parkerized finish. Is there any other difference?

Dave McC
October 28, 2001, 08:40 AM
Back in the halcyon days of my youth, pump guns came with round forearm wood, oft with simple rings lathed in for gripping. That's a coontail/ corncob forearm. You might note that double guns of this period oft had splinter forends.

The wood of nowadays is conformed differently, supposedly to aid ergonomics but oft only cosmetic. I see no difference in handling, and prefer the simpler lines of the old style.

October 28, 2001, 09:02 AM
Thanks Dave..
Do you know the difference of the Police Magnum I mentioned and the private citizen 870?

Off Topic.
I went and saw Greg Wolf yesterday, I got their and there was a line of people to the stairway waiting to see him.

I needed him to repair the action bar release on my Wingmaster and to polish up a bur in the receiver. He did it in about an hour while I waited, $35.00 parts and labor included...:)
We talked awhile and he seems like a real good guy he loves to joke around. Im sure glad I found a good smith:) Thanks to you....
I recommended him to a friend of mine also. Im gonna be bringing him my GP100 in about 2 weeks for an action job.

October 28, 2001, 10:52 PM
I bought a new Remington 870 police a month or so ago.
Heavier magazine spring.
Heavier shell release springs.
Aluminum trigger group.
Old non-locking safety.
Heavier trigger spring.
No "dimples" in the mag tube, uses old mag spring retention system.
Most now come with Improved Cylinder choke.
Wood stocked models are genuine walnut.
Synthetic models have same stock as civilian, but forend is shorter, grooved Police model.
Almost all police models are now parkerized.

Dave McC
October 29, 2001, 05:26 AM
Greg's a popular guy.Some of those folks undoubtedly drove hundreds of miles to see him.

Sorry, I'm not up on the new models....