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October 24, 2001, 11:11 AM
After looking through some posts here, I settled on a Pachmayr pre-fit decelerator pad for my 870 Express. I was considering a kick-eez but I saw one of these on a stock at a gun show and I was a little concerned about the foam rubber construction and how easily it could be damaged.
I must say that I like the Pachmayr. It is made of a sturdy but very soft rubber. It went on without any trouble fits OK. It uses the factory holes on my wood-stocked express and was a simple swap. It is a wee bit too wide in places but we're only talking about maybe a shade more than 1/32" at the very worst.
It works great and I will certainly order another one for my other 870.
I got mine from Cabella's and it was 32.94 delivered.

October 24, 2001, 11:20 AM
I use Pachmyer Decelerators on all of my competition shotguns. I love them!


Dave McC
October 24, 2001, 02:29 PM
Glad it worked out for ya, Mike.

A slightly oversize pad has a bit more surface area to spread out the kick. If you don't mind the looks, just slap a regular pad on and don't trim it. Max area...

October 24, 2001, 07:00 PM
Hey!!! If it keeps you from getting a Boo Boo from recoil than you made a good choice.

I personally like the Kick Eeze but they do tend to wear if you shoot unmounted gun games or hunt.

Recoil pads are cheaper than Aleve over the long run:D

Geoff Ross

October 24, 2001, 11:42 PM
Hmm... which Pachmayr pad will fit a 590A1? Is the stock identical to the 500? They seem to make a pad specifically for the 500 (it's listed at Cabela's as "Mossberg 500/Marlin Syn."), would that work?

I'm tired of rubbing my shoulder for a week after hitting the range :)