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Dave McC
October 22, 2001, 04:38 AM
I gave myself one of these for a B-day present, and have read maybe half of it. Besides 870s, it covers the 1100 and 11-87.

I'm no gunsmith, never will be either. I just wanted to be able to diagnose any probs my battery may have, and maybe help out the folks who need a bit of help here.

So, here's my take....

First, it's well laid out and easy to follow along. Lots of illustrations, and charts.

Second, like most very specialized books, it covers minutae and assumes some expertise on the reader's part.

Third, many of the techniques and tips depend on specialized tools. You won't believe how many gadgets there are for any slight repair or mod. Many of the ones suggested or required are listed by Brownell's part #.

I did already see a better way to straighten the action bars thna the way I do themso even a klutz like me can benefit.

So,is it worth it? Hard to say, I regard it as a nice to have rather than a have to have. Those less tool challenged tham me will gain more than I have, IMO.

Oh, yes, about $30, including shipping...

October 22, 2001, 01:31 PM
Dave, I have the 1100/870 Shop Manual, the Colt .45 Auto Shop Manual No. 1, The Smith & Wesson Revolver Shop Manual, and the Mauser Bolt Action Shop Manual. I would rate the Mauser manual at the top as the best book I have ever seen on the subject. The S&W revolver book is just behind it. The Colt manual and the Remington Shotgun manuals are good, but as you say, not essential. Still, if you really get stuck on a repair, they may be worth their weight in gold.;)

October 22, 2001, 08:08 PM
Fair observations. The "three" volumes (in two books...how does that work again? ;) ) on the .30 US gas operated service rifles are just outstanding, though perhaps not for the technically intimidated.

See, Dave, I figure it this way. Add the lifespan of an 870, then treble it with the info in the book, and you get...lessee...'round 'bout 560 years, give or take a decade?

Dave McC
October 23, 2001, 06:44 AM
Thanks for the responses,folks...

I see the greatest utility for this manual as a resource for the 870 owner far from a decent smith. And naturally,those of us with the heaviest use will need this far more than the two boxes a year type of shooter. Example, tho I'm far from being the most practiced of trapshooters, I go through about 400 rounds a month lately, and have been up to a case a week feeding my addiction. Since Jan, that runs over 4000 rounds at a minumum. SO, my 870 TB claycruncher is far more likely to develop hiccups than my Deer 870, fired far fewer times.