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October 18, 2001, 11:04 PM
I want to buy a 223 suppressor and hoped to get some info from the collective. If I buy a standard, say awc, 223 suppressor will it function as well on my 10/22, Marlin model 60, Marlin 25 etc.. Does a 223 suppressor require the higher pressure to operate most efficientlyor will a 22lr just sound quieter than the 223? This is assuming subsonic ammo in both. I am trying to kill as many birds as I can with one stone here. Help is greatly appreciated.

October 19, 2001, 09:48 AM
It should work, however, a .223 suppressor will have a slightly larger 'bore' than a 22 LR suppressor, so it may not quiet the smaller bullet as much as the louder one. the LR may, however, still be quieter than the .223 because there is less noise to begin with.

October 20, 2001, 09:33 PM
While I don't have extensive experience with suppressors, I did get to shoot a friend's .223 can side-by-side on a .223 (Remington LTR) and .22LR (Ruger 10/22). His was a Gemtech, I believe, and he had it set up with something called a bilock, which is a combination flash suppressor and locking lug which you get mounted to your barrel -- it allows you to quick-disconnect the can and move it from one weapon to another (once it cools down, that is! Suckers get quite hot on the .223). Bottom line -- what you're proposing will work quite well. The .223 sounded about like an unsuppressed .22 (we were using standard velocity ammo), and the .22 sounded about like a BB gun -- you could really only hear the sound of the firing pin striking and the bolt cycling. Both could be easily fired without hearing protection. I have to say, of the two, the .22 was the most fun -- shooting plates at 50 yards was a blast, because you could hear every strike. Go for it.