View Full Version : new pages,model 11,58 and marlin hammer pumps up!

old hawk
October 18, 2001, 05:43 PM
welp i have some more shotgun pages i have finished to share here,theyre informative and will tell you all you pretty much need to know in takedown,care,history and tips etc and on the model 11 page is a bit on roll crimping your own shells and a lot on full length brass shells as well for cowboy shooters ,re enactors etc for those who have emailed me in the past for info on how to do it etc.i hope you enjoy the pages and use them to lean on and help others learn as well,Lars Hawk....

the remington model 11 sportsman page

the remington model 58 sportsman page

the marlin model 19-s hammer pump shotgun page(VERY INFORMATIVE!)