View Full Version : results of my first deer hunt/going elk hunting saturday

October 18, 2001, 11:49 AM
Two days ago I got my first deer! :D Thank you all for your advice on my first hunt! I ended up using my Winchester 94 in .44mag. I used 300 grain HP and the shot was taken around 85 yards, baby dropped on the spot. He wasn't huge, a nice 3x3 that dressed out at 104 pounds, we have really small deer here. I'll try to post a pic as soon as I get to a scanner.

This Saturday I'm going up to Oregon with my future brother in law to go elk hunting. His oldest brother lives up there and hunts often. I'm bringing my .300 weatherby with 220 grain SP, decent choice? I've been practicing a lot with it and can hit a pie plate at 200 yards on demand from three field positions. The oldest brother uses a .375 H&H while the youngest is bringing his .270. I know the .270 has been used to take elk, question is what grain weight should be used and what type of bullet? I'm assuming something like 180 grain SP? Any advice for my brother in law's bullet selection would be appreciated! Thanks again gentlemen!!!

October 18, 2001, 12:07 PM
Congratulations! Caveat: I'm not an elk hunter, though my dad is....The .300 should be just fine. The .270 is a bit to light IMHO, though a premium bullet designed for slower expansion and deep penetration might it put it in the running.

October 18, 2001, 12:08 PM
Congrats on your first deer! I look forward to seeing the pic.

October 18, 2001, 12:11 PM
I've used a .270 for years and taken a few elk with it.

One was with a 130 gr Nosler Partition - it worked well, but lost most of the front half while mushrooming and was recovered ust under the opposite side's skin. I also took a large Wyoming moose with this bullet - same thing happened and the moose only moved twenty feet before dropping.

Another elk was with a regular 130 gr Sierra BTSP - It functioned well, but one broke up on the exiting shoulder. About this time I decided the 130 gr bullets were a little light and switched to 140 gr.

The last two elk I took with my .270 were with a 140 gr Hornady BTSP and one with a 140 gr Sierra BTSP - Both worked fine with through and through wounds, no bullet recovery.

None of my elk ran more than fifty yards. (In fact the longest Tracking recovery I've had was about 150 yards on a cow that was shot cleanly with my .300 Win Mag!)

Shot placement is the key. Make a good hit and the .270 will work fine with any bullet, but carry at least a 140 gr just to be sure, cause murphys law might take effect just as you fire! 150 gr would probably be a good idea if the shooter's judgement or ability is an issue.

Good luck!

Long Path
October 22, 2001, 08:23 PM
Had a similar experience two years ago-- 2 doe that were shot cleanly with a .300 Win Mag at less than 100 yds each both managed to run 40+ yds into the brush before expiring. A deer that my wife shot that same season with a .257 Roberts dropped in her tracks. Anecdotal evidence might be stated to prove that the .257 Rbts is thus a superior deer killer than a .300 Win Mag. ;)

dgf--Congratulations on your first deer! Sounds like you've actually practiced in a practical manner with your .300 Weatherby. 220's are perhaps a tad heavier than utterly necessary, but you'll get beautiful effect from it.

Good luck!

What kind of sights on your M-94?


Cain R
October 23, 2001, 04:23 PM
Congrats on your deer! In .270 try Winchester 140gr Failsafe bullets. Absolutely incredible performance. In .300 Wby. the load I've been using for the past 6 years is the 180 gr. Nosler Partition, another excellent all round load. Federal loads it as does Weatherby.