View Full Version : Login/PW changes??????

October 17, 2001, 07:02 PM
I just got locked out. Not sure of my PW I checked the cgi cookie and it contained what I thought was the ID (Ironbarr) & PW - nope, didn't work.
Sent for it and it came back with an ID that I used two years ago and we had changed (AndyB)... but the PW was one of your generated PWs.

Did that database get zapped or something???

-Andy (Ironbarr)


October 17, 2001, 08:40 PM
Delete your cookies (http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/misc.php?s=&action=faq&page=1#clearcookies) and try to login again. To my knowledge, TFL hasn't used .cgi cookies in quite some time. I think that it is possible that your updated cookies got deleted, expired or some such thing.

Lettuce no if it works. :)


October 27, 2001, 10:40 PM
Eerie/uncanny things that night.

I had the andyb login problem, and wrote this thread starter. Later, after some time passed, I was writing a reply post when you answered up. I set about to kill the cookies as directed then found only one of a couple went away - the one with my ironbarr login and PW (cgi) was still there. Anyway after a couple hours chasing cookies (and crumbs), I was writing a reply post when an email came making ironbarr the ID (again).

So, I logged on as ironbarr - everything worked as it should and I began to write a reply post when my ISP went down (@home). There are no bells and whistles, or rockets - just "all's normal" but nothing going out or coming in.

Obviously it was my station, right? By 1AM chasing ghosts, I gave up. It was still down in the later morning, so I called in, worked my way up to level two support when the word came @home was down in my area. At 5PM it was back up. By the next day all was okay although TFL recognized "andyb". I went out, then logged back in as ironbarr, setting the cookie again (I guess).

The next morning I turn it on, walk away, and get involved with painting. Get back at noon and no power in the CPU box. Checked that out for an hour proving the power supply bad. Took a couple days to get that handled. So now (dare I say it?) all's well.

Haven't seen a string like that since navy years - but you coming up as I was writing - twice yet ... eerie. Then the PS. Well, did the PS cause all this as it got sicker, or did all this make PS ill enough to die?

Then there's the pumpkin lights.

Well, what really counts is that the email ID change happened even though I hadn't answered your "cookie" post. In that "nothing works" period you mailed the life ring. Right after I got the login done, ISP goes down - I couldn't get back - and yadda yadda.

Thank you - if tech support around the net was as good as TFL's staff, the world'd be a better place.