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October 16, 2001, 06:23 PM
I'd like to replace the bead sight on my 870 18", and I need advice on the type to buy. I'd like to have quick close target acquisition, with the ability to shoot out to 75-100 yards with slugs. I would also like tritium inserts in both front and rear sights.

So far, I'm looking at the Ashley Outdoor Big Dot sights and MMC ghost ring sights. Are there other brands that I should look at? I've used ghost ring sights before and felt comfortable with them. The Ashley Outdoor sights look very fast, but how do they perform at longer distances like 75-100 yards?

Lastly, I need a gunsmith, preferably in Houston, who can do the installation.

Any comments appreciated! Thanks!

October 16, 2001, 06:37 PM
I just put a set of AO Standard Dot Tritium's on my rifle-sighted 20" barrel. This is the set with the tritium in the front only. I'm unsure as to how effective this will be for defense as the tritium is quite small and it must be pretty dark to see it. Perhaps the Big Dot would be better.
I do like the shallow V rear and the size of the standard dot for hand trap. It is a very quick aquisition for me.
The standard factory narrow rear notch was not as quick but still work OK.
I did not pattern my SG after I put these on and I think that I may shooting a bit high as the last time I went out (two days ago) I was smoking stuff if it was going up and away quickly but the further out and slower it got, the less I hit. If it was on the way down, forget it. Grrrrr.
I will not be able to pattern for a couple weeks so I have just lowered the rear sight (gotta love those rifle sighted barrls!) and I will go out again this weekend to try again.
You may also want to check out Williams http://www.williamsgunsight.com/shotgun.htm
They have some neat "light collecting" sites.
Those things are amazing. I shot a Marine Magnum with one of these on the front. It was threatening to rain all day and the darker it got, the brighter that sight got. It was a green one and jeepers, it was easy to spot.
Good luck,

October 16, 2001, 06:55 PM
Standard dot is best. Look at the Ashley web site. Look at the margin of difference between the white plastic on the standard vs the big dot. Now look at the size of the tritium tube. This all means that POA is going to be much closer to the same in both day and night with the standard dot (and that is what we want right - consistancy.)

Dave McC
October 17, 2001, 05:36 AM
Just what's the mission? For HD, a bead sight works very well. GR and Peep sights are great for distance shots and for slug use, but in a pure HD application, they're a luxury, not an essential.

However, it's your shotgun and money. If you want these, or if this is not just a pure HD tool, get the Ashleys, or any quality set of sights.

October 18, 2001, 11:27 AM
The primary purpose of the shotgun is HD, but I'd like the flexibility to use it out to 100 yards or so, or whatever the practical limit on slugs/sabot rounds is. I called Ashley Outdoors yesterday, and was told that because I have a Marine Magnum, the best choice would be to epoxy a front big dot tritium sight on top of the existing bead. The rear sight would require stripping off part of the nickel finish, silver soldering the rear sight to the weapon, and then refinishing the weapon. The frong sight alone may be the best bet -- otherwise, a rear sight would get REALLY expensive.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the tritium Big Dot front sight, with no rear sight I have a strong preference for rear sights, whether V or ghost ring, but I don't want to drop a fortune. Though engagement distance would probably be under 25 yards, I'd like the ability to engage at longer distances also.

What is the maximum practical effective range of a shotgun with slugs and a front sight only. My impression is that a rear sight significantly increases the maximum range with slug/sabot use.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better solution than a tritium front sight only, for a Marine Magnum? Thanks!

Dave McC
October 19, 2001, 06:03 AM
Chances are, doing just the front sight will have POI much lower than you'd want.

Williams and Lyman peep sights will attach by D&Ting with a couple of screws, that may be the better approach, tho I'm no smith. They should have enough adjustment to be compatible with that Ashley front.


October 22, 2001, 01:37 PM
If you have two beads you've should be able to shoot slugs accurately at 100yards. I do 5"-6" at 100yards. I have been thinking about upgrading to Williams Firesights. They bolt onto the rib of the gun no gunsmithing. Rear sight is adjustable.