View Full Version : TC Firestorm questions

October 16, 2001, 05:34 PM
Was thinking about buying a BP rifle for deer for next year. I saw one of the above in Cabela's catalog and it looked interesting with the 209 primer ignition and use of pyrodex pellets. Anyone have any experience with these as hunting weapons? I also am considering the more traditional Cabela's Hawken and wonder how they would compare in accuracy to the Firestorm. Any help for a newby will be appreciated.

October 17, 2001, 07:14 AM
The Cabela's Hawken rifles are made in Italy by Investarms, the same company that makes the Lyman GPR. The barrels are deep cut rifling and overall quality good. Several reports from friends say they are good shooters with roundball. The 1 in 48 twist should work well with bore size conicals, but may be to slow for sabots.

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