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October 15, 2001, 08:47 PM
O.K. unsolicited plug for a great product.

Colonial Arms makes a full line of extended chokes for virtually every make of shotgun. For those who are not on an unlimited budget, you may consider giving them a try.

I shot several skeet rounds with an average improvement of 4 birds. Average was 17. Including a personal high of 21:D

And on the clays course, I found 7 more birds scoring a personal high of 72:D , no average cause its really expensive and time consuming to pop 100 targets.

I think alot of the clays improvement had to do with actually changing chokes. Before it was too much of a hassle to pull out the wrench and try to horse the tube out of a hot barrel.

I got the full set of 6; 20 gauge Invector Plus tubes for just over $100 bucks. The are stainless and fit perfectly. I could barely get 2 Briley's for that!



October 15, 2001, 09:15 PM
I bought the Baikal---that's where they recommend getting extra chokes from too.

Dave McC
October 16, 2001, 06:09 AM
Good for ya, DOC. But are you sure you're not just shooting better(G)?

When I had the bbl that now is on Frankenstein shortened and set up for tubes by Greg Wolfe, he recommended Colonial tubes. The version supplied is the .795" X 44 TPI.

I have them in constrictions ranging from Skeet to Extra Full. One tube I had shot a little off the rest of them,but the replacement shoots true.

As for the extended versions,the bit of extra weight might move the balance forward a bit, thus tending to keep the bbl moving. Research on extended,long chokes vs short ones has mixed results,so except for a specific choke/load combo that's been tested, it's hard to predict what will happen when one goes to an extended choke vs a flush one.

Ports on extended chokes are probably less obnoxious than ported bbls, but less effective at knocking down the kick, since the pressures have dropped more when the wad clears the ports. However, those ported chokes do have nice places to insert the can opener from your Swiss Army knife or Leatherman when you use it as a wrench.

And the wrench for the Hastings chokes is easily obtained, isn't it?

For those not in on the joke, use a quarter in the notches of a 12 ga Hastings tube as a wrench...