View Full Version : Benelli M1 = Beretta 1201fp?

October 11, 2001, 05:48 PM
Does anyone know the real scoop on these shotguns?

I 've heard so much word of mouth that the Benelli M1 Tactical is tha same as the Beretta 1201fp (just more expensive). Is this really true? I'm really interested to know if their parts are interchangeable.

I own the Beretta and handled the Benelli before, but have never put them side-by-side, they sure seem similiar from memory though.

Would appreciate seeing something written down somewhere if anyone knows.

October 11, 2001, 11:14 PM
Try going through the old threads on www.shotgunreport.com The Technoid has had volumes to say about the guns you mentioned.

I believe Beretta now owns Benelli, so the guns may have some familial connection.

Geoff Ross

Will Beararms
October 12, 2001, 09:43 AM
All Benelli barrels are made by Beretta. The 1201 FP is an almost exact duplicate of the Benelli Super Black Eagle. Yes, Beretta does own Benelli. I prefer the chrome-lined bore of the Beretta.

October 12, 2001, 10:27 AM
They aren't direct copies. The Beretta is closer to Benelli M121 than the current M1 Super 90. Same inertia/recoil-operated rotary bolt, same speedy action. I've heard that the bolts and internal fire control parts will interchange, but that isn't first hand info. The barrels definitely do not interchange. Buttstocks are a definite maybe. I have seen a Beretta M3P riotgun with what appeared to be a Benelli pistol grip stock, or at least an identically styled grip. I've got a pre-ban 1201FP with the Choate Full PG stock (as well as the standard one). I couldn't think of a better shotgun for $400.

October 12, 2001, 03:10 PM
All Benelli barrels are chrome lined, I wasn't aware Berettas were. -- Kernel