View Full Version : I see alot of questions this week about 870 extended tubes, this might interest you

October 10, 2001, 05:34 PM
Hi, I just bought a Rem 870 express with a 2 shot extention from the factory. Model number 5077. Note this gun is not on the Remington web site, and this is an express model not the police. The reason I am letting you know about this is my dealer told me he is getting them for the same price as the standard 870 HD, and you might save some time and money if you order this model to start with. There are no dimples on mine, however there is the dumb safety lock on it. My dealer is pretty honest with me, he told me his cost is $235, same as all the base model 870s. Hope this helps someone looking into the 870 as a HD weapon.


October 10, 2001, 08:06 PM
Nice post. Thanks Opie.

Dave McC
October 11, 2001, 06:37 AM
Opie, thanks a lot. This can save some folks the price of an extension.

October 31, 2001, 09:05 PM
What size barrel? Is the ext almost flush w/the barrel?
Do you have a picture?


October 31, 2001, 10:13 PM
Exile - 18" barrel, bead sight. flush with end of bbl.

Picture available at http://www.galleryofguns.com

Dave McC
November 1, 2001, 06:25 AM
This is the variant I mentioned for $299 on the Homeland Defense thread. Good deal....

November 1, 2001, 07:13 AM
I can't find it on galleryofguns.com or what is the url for "guns r us"?

November 1, 2001, 08:00 AM

Over at Wilson Combat, you can get an old-style safety for $4 + shipping. I think they have a set shipping rate, but surely you could dicker over something this small. Drops in in just a few minutes, and voila, no chance of a jamming safety.

I've seen these guns as well. They look nice. In fact, I think I saw them for $299 at a gun show, but I'll bet some dealers are charging a little more than the HD price because of the extension.

Don't forget your $25 rebate from Remington. Any 870 Express purchase before November 15 qualifies you for a rebate from Big Green. They've taken the rebate coupon off the web, but I'll bet your dealer or local sporting goods store has a few.

November 1, 2001, 08:13 AM
Well, even though Remington took the coupon link off the main page, the link is still functioning. Here it is:


November 1, 2001, 10:05 AM
I have just recently purchased this exact model. Price was $279.

November 1, 2001, 12:48 PM
Sounds like a blued or parked version of the 870 MarineMagnum, does it have a HD type forearm or more of an Express type forearm that overhangs the receiver?

November 1, 2001, 12:56 PM
Just bought one a couple of weeks ago for 259.99 minus the $25 rebate. I was in my dealers just looking around and saw an 870 express with 18 inch barrel with the 2 round extension and when I saw the price bought it on the spot. Its a great deal!

November 1, 2001, 03:47 PM
It has the overhang like the express models generally have. I am not huge into sidesaddles but it doesnt bother me much as I would prefer the 4 shot over the 6 for balance reasons.

I just changed mine some, I took the 18" barrel off and swapped with my deer gun, so it now sports a 20" rifle sighted barrel. And trijicon makes a tritium front sight for that barrel :)

November 1, 2001, 05:48 PM
Actually, one of the reasons I don't like the overhang over the receiver is for the purposes of unloading the tube magazine. Typically I rack back the action to eject the round from the chamber then all I've got to do is push up the follower and press the appropriate shell stop to release rounds from the tube. It's much easier to reach my giant fingers or thumbs into there with the police type short fore-ends as opposed to the express type that hang over it quite a bit.

Though it also means that a side saddle can also be fitted without trimming the fore-end back a bit for clearance.

Was just wondering how closely this shotgun you describe matches the Marine Magnum that my buddy bought back a few months ago with exception to finish.

November 1, 2001, 06:19 PM
All of these guns I've seen have had synthetic stocks. These are extremely easy to cut down if you have a radial arm saw or an electric miter saw. Just remove the fore-end with a fore-end wrench or a pair of needle nose pliers slipped into the notches of the fore-end nut. Line up the fore-end so that you make a nice even cut, and slice off the inch or so that you need for your sidesaddle. A little radiusing with a piece of x-fine sandpaper takes off the sharp edges and you're set to reinstall.

With the synthetic stuff, you don't have to worry about staining the cut end or refinishing it to match.

Here's one guy that modified his fore-end:


November 1, 2001, 06:53 PM
Brownells sells the Remington 870 Police synthetic forends for $27.45 retail and $21.96 dealer (Brownells #767-000-083). See: http://www.brownells.com/

I really like the forend on my Remington 870 Police. It doesn't overhang, yet it is a perfect size for a good grip.

November 1, 2001, 08:41 PM
Attached is a pic of the gun he's talking about. I just got another for $274 at the gun show a couple weeks ago.

Remington 870 Express. 18" cylinder bore 6+1 capacity. 3" mag.

November 1, 2001, 09:06 PM
is that overhang something to be concerned about? it makes the gun kind of ugly. how many rounds does it add? how would that be different from taking an 18.5" barrel and adding an aftermarket +2 round extention? It wouldn't overhang.

8200 rpm
November 2, 2001, 12:02 AM
I have one of these. It's great.

I've dubbed it the "Terrestrial Magnum".

It's simply the Marine Magnum in a parkerized or matte blue finish. Capacity is 6+1. Barrel is 18".

Dave McC
November 2, 2001, 05:27 AM
Exile, the two shot extension on my HD 870 overhangs a skosh. NBT....

November 2, 2001, 06:07 AM
It shoots like a dream.

November 2, 2001, 02:38 PM
I bought one last week. Couldn't pass on the deal.

November 2, 2001, 04:17 PM
Heh. Galleryofgun - cool site. Had never seen it before. They said my Mossburg 590A1 parkerized with ghost rings was supposed to be sold to LEO only. Funny, my gun shop sold it to me no problem, and I'm in Kali! Wonder if their info is accurate...

November 2, 2001, 04:37 PM
If any of you add sling studs to your 870HD, let me know how it goes. I've been contemplating the addition of some Uncle Mike's studs to two 870s with synthetic stocks, but I've been a little wary of getting the hole crooked. There's only a small bit of internal plastic to accept the stud (those stocks are mostly hollow), and the hole needs to be perfectly straight. If I had a drill press, it would be no big deal, but I don't own one.

My closest local smith doesn't like the Uncle Mike's stud package. Instead, he insists on drilling the existing mag cap and adding a stud to it. Charges about $35 if I remember right. I've never heard any complaints about the Uncle Mike's stuff though, so I may just add one myself. Still, gotta get that hole straight, and you only get one shot...

November 2, 2001, 04:46 PM
My Remington 870 Police came with a sling stud on the buttstock and one on the magazine tube cap. I am glad that I paid extra for the Police model.

george miller
November 6, 2001, 08:19 PM
i have the 870 express with 20" smoothbore,improved cylinder slug barrel.bought a tac star 8 shot extension. paid 219 for gun,30 for the extension. its my home defense gun(#4 buck) and my" beans too high in the beanfield to see "groundhog gun.