View Full Version : Benelli M1S90 Tactical pre-ban prices?

October 8, 2001, 04:42 PM
What is the current market value of the Benelli M1 Super 90 Tactical pre-ban? I found one stamped H&K, date coded BB (1992), new (without box) w/bead sights, pistol grip & 7 shot extension.

The guys on the auctions seem to be asking $1800+ for these, is that really what they are bringing?

October 9, 2001, 04:50 PM
wildboar, at a gun show earlier this year there was a guy with a pre-ban HK (Benelli) that had a straight stock, 7 shell tube and, IIRC, rifle sights. He let it go for $500. It had been shot, but from the looks of the chamber, etc, not very much. I'm kicking myself for not buying it.

One local shop has a pre-ban with pistol grip, ghost ring sights, and 7 shell tube for $999. It is also used, but looks like brand new.

It's not what folks are asking on the auctions, it's what they're getting. Do a search on closed auctions and see which ones sold and at what price. Also look for the ones that sold then reappeared later. It seems a lot of buyers bid something up then don't come through with the payment.