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October 7, 2001, 04:37 AM
Here's an obscure question. Kuhnhausen says "Late style shell latches should be installed in law enforcement M870s whether Flexitab kits are installed or not." A page later he says "New style M870 shall latches have 6 staking recesses and are somewhat stiffer overall."

Has anyone encountered problems with "early" style latches that would suggest it's worth replacing them for a defensive shotgun?

Dave, any comment from your duty days? Is this an upgrade you've made to any of your personal 870s?

Dave McC
October 7, 2001, 11:47 AM
Nope. Never heard of this until now. I've GOT to get that book.

I oughta take down one of my old ones and compare it to the TB, which is the newest here, I think.

As for old style, no probs in 40 years. My oldest 870, now the HD too here, has 8-10,000 rounds through it, glitchless. The Deer 870 and Frank, 2-4000. Same thing.

October 7, 2001, 09:20 PM
Thanks, Dave.

IMO, the essential Kuhnhausen books are the "three" volumes (two are in one book...wth? :) ) on the gas operated .30 US service rifles, but I have the ones on the 1911, Colt DA revolvers, and the Remington shotguns -- all excellent. K. also has a very deep belief in enabling owners to maintain their weapons for the long haul as a part of his RKBA stance, which puts a little extra ooomph into his text, I think. They're very well illustrated with photos (including photos of cutaways) and diagrams. Great stuff...wish I had a home machine shop sometimes.

Anyway, on the latches, that's what I figured. Thanks for the confirmation! I know you've got a lot of history, personally and on the job, with these so I figgered I'd go to the mountain for this question!

Dave McC
October 8, 2001, 06:17 AM
You're welcome, J. I'd have all those books by now, except for the fact that I'm no smith. Tim Allen would call me "Tool challenged". Since I know/have known several decent smiths, no prob.

And, I tend to own guns that require little/no smithing,870s,GMs,Colt and old S&W revolvers, 94 Winchesters,etc.

However, today or tomorrow Barnes and Noble will get my order for the K-book. I'd bettet study up some, it looks like everyone is asking harder questions these days(G)....

October 8, 2001, 07:33 PM
Ehhhh, I just like knowing how things work! :)

BTW, the 870 that this question comes from was a Saturday afternoon acquisition at the only decent show left in this state. A very pretty 870 "magnum" with a 22" slug barrel with rifle sights. The price caught my eye, because I've been deliberating what to do with my $100 surplus 870 and this one seemed like the answer (that is to say, replace it!). Anyway, this one was pretty, and smooooooth (the action almost falls open when you touch the bolt release if the muzzle is held upwards)...and it had the Flexitab parts, and a very attractive price. Sold, sez I. Called Remington today -- made in 1956. So I'm gonna find that other 870 another home...not 'nuf room in the safe. :(

Dave McC
October 9, 2001, 06:14 AM
Enjoy the new toy, Jay. At worst, your old beater is now your spare parts inventory(G)...