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October 5, 2001, 05:51 PM
I assume this is the pressure rating for my .50cal barrel, as it is stamped near the breech end. How much pressure does this calculate out to, & how can I use that information to figure maximum load? I would think that there would be a pressure variance between shooting round balls & conicals, considering it takes more time/pressure to get the heavier projectile up to speed.

Again: 700kp cm2 :confused:

October 7, 2001, 11:07 PM
With blackpowder it's best recomended to throw out all modern loading data and some balistics and go old school.
Start with your caliber and add ten grains. Shooting low add ten more.
So if your shootin a 50 start at 60.
If you hit 90 grains and you still are playing... Stop.
Most frontloaders shooting blackpowder just burn the powder outside the barrel after 90 grains. It just doesn't burn fast enough to be of any use.
Remember blackpowder is loaded in volume. The grain marks on your measure are not actual grain in relation to modern loading.
I shoot a 54 cal and a 72 cal. I shoot about 75 grains in the 54 and about 80 in the 72. (FFFG)
Both hit very well at 100 yards. But the way I load in the 72 and the design will spin me around. The 54 doesn't even kick.
My father is a very good hand loader and taught me well. But I had a heck of a time when I went deep into the muzzleloader thing.

October 8, 2001, 12:57 AM
Thanx Willy :)

So what's the deal with the "magnum" craze, up to 150 grains? They're claiming xxx higher pressures, & yada yada increased range. Seems you'd need a lot longer barrel to get anything outta burning all of that powder. Guess I got another excuse for burning powder behind the chronograph. (Dang, gonna be a mess on those light meters)

October 9, 2001, 03:40 PM
I was watching a program on espn 2. They had the trivia question of the day. "Should muzzlel0oders be considererd primitave?"
Well... After falling out of my chair and recovering from mild heart attack, I got to thinking.
Them plunger guns are muzzleloaders! By God there is another reason to buy another gun. The last one I snuck in as a lamp.
Seriously, we who shoot "blackpowder," call em plunger or idiot guns. They are very simple to load and use. But unless you shoot it under water it's always gonna go off.
They are actually less accurate then a flintlock or percussion hammer gun. They shoot pellet ammo. 50gr. per pellet. You must buy the pellet that suits your needs and they are color coaded for easy recognition.
I've shot in about a dozen compititions with em. Beat every one of em. But thats me.
You just don't need all that power and all those different bullets and color coded powder pellets.
They say you can shoot farther with em but I've out distanced them and thats 200 yard shootin.
Sometimes all the power is over rated. All though the pellets are pre-measured. They can chip and your load may suffer. I know that if I load the same way every time I get the same results, every time.
In the long run what it breaks down to is, if you know someone who has a gun like you want to hunt with, see if you can shoot it.
But let them load it and take notes. If it works keep doing it the same way.
I have bought a lot of guns that were only fired one or two times.\
I'd rather buy the right gun the first time.

October 10, 2001, 08:44 AM
Fastforty, do you believe all the ads you read? I think if you read all the forums on this board over time you see a pattern that the manufacturers claims are, well, just claims.

I have seen some sith the new in-lines struggle to keep it on the paper and I have seen a few do OK. I'll still out shoot them with my 1830 technology and I like that.

The guys that are shooting well seem to be loading with powder (not pellets) and full bore conicals. They seem to like lighter loads as well (around 60 grains to start). Helped out a guy three weeks ago. He was using Sabots and getting very bad groups. I gave him some Lee REAL 250 grain slugs and got him down to 2 inches at 50 yards. He was using Clean Shot powder BTW.