View Full Version : Successful SC Deer and Boar Hunt

October 5, 2001, 02:58 PM
Just returned from my hunt and saw the moose thread so thought I'd share as well.

Boar - Shot Tuesday, Oct 2 about 6:00 PM
Distance ~65 yards
Rifle Browning A-Bolt .338 Win Mag
Bullet 230 Grain Win FailSafe
Brain shot; Bullet entered above right eye
Weight 105 lbs

Deer - Shot Wednesday, Oct 3 about 7:00 AM
3x3 16.25" spread; 2.5 year old deer
Distance ~85 yards
Rifle Browning A-Bolt .338 Win Mag
Bullet 230 Grain Win FailSafe
Bullet entered behind left shoulder
Weight 150 lbs

Hot during the hunt. 89 degrees both Tuesday and Wednesday. Deer was the biggest I saw. Hunted Cowden Plantation, Jackson SC, operated by Jarret Rifles.

Am having venison tenderloin on the grill in a few hours. Can't wait!


Al Thompson
October 7, 2001, 06:54 AM
Nice buck! How did the Failsafe ammo work? (besides the obvious)

Neat choice of calibers - getting ready for an elk hunt? I would be interested to hear your thoughts about using a .338.


October 7, 2001, 11:41 AM
Gizmo99, thanks for the post.

My .338 is my primary hunting rifle. I also have a .257 Roberts and an '06, but love shooting my .338 more. This year I didn't apply for an elk tag with my friends because of this hunt, (and of course they drew!!).

My gun loves the failsafe ammo. Because I no longer reload, I tried 210 & 250 gr noslers, along with the failsafes. First shots out of the box the failsafes grouped better. They continue to provide good groups today. There was no recovery of the bullets in the boar or deer on this trip. The exit hole on the deer was just over 2.25" and just about the same size on the boar. Between the bullet expansion and the bone fragments, that allows for a big blood trail on a shot that doesn't drop the animal. I was able to recover the bullet from my kudu in 1999 and it retained around 95% weight.

In all, I've taken a dozen animals over the past three years with this gun and load, and am sold on it's ability. The longest shot was around 380 yards and the boar was the closest at around 65 yards. Most shots have been in the 150-200 yard range.
Some folks say I'm overgunned. I simply reply that I don't want to risk chasing/losing a wounded animal. And with this gun and load, I have the confidence that I won't have to.