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October 4, 2001, 06:19 AM
I floated over here from bladeforums.com. I just bought my first gun today. A Black Synthetic Finish Mossberg 500a. I got it for 200 Dollars at Big 5 with a 28 inch hunting barell and an 10 inch home defense barrel. I had a few questions. When I pick up the gun after the waiting period. Where should I keep it? and Should I keep it loaded or unloaded. The gun was purchased for home defense, and, while I know it is supposed to be kept unloaded with the trigger lock on, it doesn't make much sense if someone broke in at 3 in the morning. It would take me quite a while to get the lock off, and loaded. I had originally intended to keep the gun loaded under my bed. The best choke point of my apartment is the hallway right where my bed is. I can take cover/support myself by the bed while my girlfreind dials 911 and I hold down the fort. Oh, I should mention that I live with my girlfreind who is not going to use the gun, she is terminally afraid of the loud noise. So she will never touch it. (I've tried to get her to shoot even a .22, but alas, she will not.) So pretty much the 12 guage is out of the question. On a sidenote- I've honetly never shot a shotgun before either. I've shot handguns a couple of times, but never long-arms. I bought a side saddle and a trigger lock, and a couple boxes of 00 Buckshot today. I am planning on going down to the local range after I pick up the gun and getting some instruction in using it, after which im going to put a few boxes of shells through it. Which brings me to another point. Is 00 Buck good for homedefense? I know it had excellent stopping power, but I am afraid about it penetrating my paper-thin walls and injuring a neighbor. In the future I would like to add some ghost ring sites, a surefire mount, and a blackhawk tactical sling to the gun. I'm not sure how important each option is, or which one should come first, so I have come here to ask all of your expertise in helping a newbie out. Thanks ahead of time,

Dave McC
October 4, 2001, 06:46 AM
The Archives here have a wealth of info on ALL of your questions,Chris. Use the Search function and prepare for enlightment(G)....

October 4, 2001, 07:05 AM
Welcome to TFL. I assume that the 10" barrel was a typo. Mossberg's HD barrel is 18". Any shorter would make the shotgun a Class III weapon. My suggestion is to keep it loaded when you can keep control of it. If you have anyone over that might "get into it", unload it. If you go to work and leave the shotgun home, unload it, lock it, and put your ammo in your sock drawer. If you have children that are your own or visiting, the rules get even more strict. Congratulations on becoming a firearm owner. I remember the happiness I had with my first. Once it tapers off a little, the enormous amount of responsibility will settle on you. :) A note on the ammo...since you are in an apartment, I would put the 00 Buck aside for later on or defense away from home. Buy some inexpensive game loads (#7 or #8 shot). They will do a great job for the short distances within the home but have a much lower chance of lethality through the wall. Good luck. :)