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September 30, 2001, 07:05 PM
I am leaning towards 223 for close range, not sure what I want to get for long range [ie 300-500 yards].

September 30, 2001, 08:16 PM
Personally, I favor .243 for coyotes at any range, but have found 7.62 x 39 to be surprisingly accurate, and have even taken prarie dogs out to 150 with it.

I think you can never go wrong with .223, and it is a wise choice as well. May I suggest the Varmit Hunter's Association, as it publishes the best magazine on long range shooting of any I have ever seen. Check out their web site. (Sorry, no URL)

September 30, 2001, 08:39 PM
When calling coyotes here in Nevada, a short range shot might be one sniffing your clothes. When we are calling, we don't carry rifles, my faviorite gun/cartridge is a .357 with a 110 grain bullet pushing 2000 fps. I also sometimes use a Colt Officers Model in .45 ACP (my carry gun). The longest shot I ever made when using a call was about 20 feet.
At longer range, like when we are just driving the dirt roads hoping to see a yote, I carry a Ruger 77 in .22-250. Not one of these so called "varmint rifles" but the standard sporter weight barrel.

Robert the41MagFan
September 30, 2001, 08:43 PM
Last year had a coyote attack a dead pile in an open field and I hit him with a .308 Win at 670 yards, measured by a range finder. Rifle was a Browning A-Bolt Heavy Varmint with Boss and a 24 power scope

Don't think you can go wrong with this cartridge.


Art Eatman
September 30, 2001, 09:51 PM
Wuz I just gonna dedicate one rifle to coyotes, I'd stay with a .243 and the Sierra 85-grain HPBT. Either handloads or Federal.

You could probably load the .223 with the heavier bullets for longer-range shots, if your barrel twist will stabilize them.

Again, if you handload, there sure ain't no flies on the .22-250 or the Swift. I've played with both, and they're lots of fun. Ruined a lot of feral housecats, back when I lived just outside of Austintatious. :)



October 1, 2001, 10:17 PM
Is there much of a practical difference between the 22-250/220 swift vs the 243/6mm ?

If calling I would probably use 9mm or 44 handguns...not real yote guns but what I tend to carry recently.

Molon Labe!
October 1, 2001, 11:58 PM
For close range, i will go for Marlin 882SS topped with Simmons 3-9x32mm with CCI Maxi-mags HP, Go for the head little one! For longer range, Savage 110 .270 with Remington Core-lokt 130grn. Haven't got a yote yet, but just imagine what that .27 caliber bullet going really fast nailing a yote in the neck at 200yards:barf:

Zak Smith
October 4, 2001, 08:29 PM
Here's some ballistic data for some appropriate calibers. BC's and MV data from the Hornady book:

_BC_ _MV_ 0 200 400 600 800 | YARDS
0.242 3800 > -1.46 -0.00 -15.28 -60.49 -162.56 | FZ 200, MAX 0.9 at 128 > .22-250, 50gr V-MAX
0.242 3900 > -1.46 -0.00 -14.38 -56.90 -152.64 | FZ 200, MAX 0.9 at 129 > 220SWFT, 50gr V-MAX
0.255 3600 > -1.46 -0.00 -16.76 -65.38 -172.80 | FZ 200, MAX 1.1 at 126 > .22-250, 55gr V-MAX
0.255 3750 > -1.46 -0.00 -15.24 -59.39 -156.56 | FZ 200, MAX 1.0 at 127 > 220SWFT, 55gr V-MAX
0.265 3550 > -1.46 -0.00 -16.91 -65.25 -170.24 | FZ 200, MAX 1.1 at 125 > .22-250, 60gr V-MAX
0.265 3600 > -1.46 -0.00 -16.37 -63.14 -164.59 | FZ 200, MAX 1.1 at 126 > 220SWFT, 60gr V-MAX
0.250 3800 > -1.46 -0.00 -14.96 -58.63 -155.59 | FZ 200, MAX 0.9 at 128 > .243WIN, 58gr V-MAX
0.280 3600 > -1.46 -0.00 -15.84 -60.24 -154.13 | FZ 200, MAX 1.1 at 126 > .243WIN, 65gr V-MAX
0.330 3450 > -1.46 -0.00 -16.05 -58.81 -143.83 | FZ 200, MAX 1.1 at 124 > .243WIN, 75gr A-MAX
0.400 3100 > -1.45 -0.01 -18.91 -66.89 -157.46 | FZ 200, MAX 1.5 at 120 > .243WIN, 87gr A-MAX
0.365 3150 > -1.45 -0.00 -18.92 -68.00 -163.09 | FZ 200, MAX 1.4 at 120 > .260REM, 95gr V-MAX
0.550 2700 > -1.44 -0.01 -23.25 -78.77 -176.98 | FZ 200, MAX 2.0 at 116 > .260REM, 140gr A-MAX
0.370 3300 > -1.45 -0.00 -16.89 -60.58 -144.52 | FZ 200, MAX 1.2 at 122 > .270WIN, 110gr A-MAX
0.460 3050 > -1.45 -0.01 -18.65 -64.64 -148.52 | FZ 200, MAX 1.5 at 119 > .270WIN, 130gr SST
0.279 3300 > -1.45 -0.00 -19.45 -74.16 -190.88 | FZ 200, MAX 1.4 at 122 > 7mm-08, 100gr HP
0.365 3000 > -1.44 -0.01 -21.20 -76.20 -183.16 | FZ 200, MAX 1.7 at 119 > 7mm-08, 120gr V-MAX/SSP
0.486 2850 > -1.44 -0.01 -21.38 -73.52 -167.84 | FZ 200, MAX 1.8 at 117 > 7mm-08, 139gr SST


Art Eatman
October 5, 2001, 09:28 AM
Glamdring, I don't see all that much difference, although the .243 is a bit more useful for deer, IMO.

Arguments about the relative merits of the Swift and the .22-250 (I still think of it as Jerry Gebby's "Varminter") are about like "Which tastes better, vanilla or chocolate?"

:), Art

Brian Williams
October 5, 2001, 08:41 PM
mod 70 coyote selling in PA
I have a year old Mod 70 Coyote in 22-250 w/ 24" stainless barrel, dark laminated wood stock. Leupold mounts and rings... B&L 6x24 40 scope (matte) any ideas on price......?

Specially designed for hunters who need the carrying ease and pointability of a sporter style rifle, combined with the long range accuracy of a varminter. Medium-heavy stainless steel 24" sporter barrel, rugged laminated stock with reverse taper fore-end. Ideal for larger varmints like coyotes and chucks. Stock made for a bi-pod, sticks or sandbags. Push feed bolt.

I paid $550 for it this past Jan. I need to get $500 for it , it has 120 rounds of Win/USA white box though it. I bought 200 rnds.. for $600 I will throw in RCBS dies, the Leupold rings and mounts, and the 200 rounds (120 once fired brass and 80 unfired). I am asking $350 for the Bausch & Lomb scope.(paid 385) It is a 4200 6x24x40mm w/ rainguard coating on the lens.(includes 4" sun shield)... for the whole thing I would take $950.
Win mod 70 coyote in 22-250
B&L 6x24x40mm scope
80 rnds win ammo 22-250 45 gr.
120 once fired win cases
Leupold rings and mounts
RCBS dies set

This gun is LNIB I never took it to the field, just to the range.

Art Eatman
October 5, 2001, 11:42 PM
Perfessr, I'll leave your ad here. However, why don't you blueline it and re-post in the Gunshow forum under long guns? And, folks, post your answers in that forum, not here, okay?

Otherwise I'll have to learn how to delete and move and re-post and I'm too doggoned lazy!!!



October 8, 2001, 10:16 PM

Let us know what type of terrian you're hunting. I heard some time ago that smaller bullets (.17 to 22) are affected by thermal levels when shooting long distances where there might be dips or gullies when shooting long distances. I use a 12 gauge 1187 with 000 buck out to 50 yards and a 22-250 out to about 300 yards here in the midwest. Got to be careful not to shoot the coyote dogs. (Walker hounds) :)

Cain R
October 11, 2001, 03:50 PM
We've used .22-250's with 55gr Nosler bullets but had had the absolute best luck with .243 Win with 95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips. They are excellent up to 450 paces (my longest shot yet). Loaded up with a healthy dose of IMR-4350 it has been the excellent. Have had good luck with the '06 and 165gr Nosler ballistic as well, but does lots of damage to the hide.

October 11, 2001, 11:45 PM
Since no one has mentioned the 25-06 I will.

With a 90 gr tnt bullet, or better yet a 117, its hell on long range varmints.

Though I've seen good results with the 22-250 and 243 as well.

Personaly, Ive never liked "dedicated" heavy bbl varmint rifles and scopes, but Ruger's M77V is a class act. Its HEAVY, but it does the job.

For a more portable varminter, Savage makes the 112v in stainless and the wieght is a bit less, and it comes with a "woldhammer" swell (sp?) in the pistol grip and fat fore end. Its cool.

October 12, 2001, 02:23 AM
Long Range: 7MM Magnum 150 Grain Nosler Ballistic tips.

Short Range: 12 Gauge #4 Shot or 45 ACP, 44 Mag pistol.

Ben Shepherd
October 13, 2001, 06:40 PM
I agree with the 243 bunch. That's an exellent varmit platform. Using a 70 gr hollowpoint on a jackrabbit sent him tumbling for about 20 feet. When I walked up to check it out I couldn't find an exit wound. But when I picked it up & shook it by the ears, it sounded like a skin full of soup. The shot was made at aprox. 100yrds.

October 13, 2001, 08:40 PM
I got a coyote today purely by accident. I was chucker hunting when I saw a coyote jump into some thick brush then stick it's head out to look at me. I drilled him about midship with another one of my short range coyote guns; Ruger P89 with a 147 grain XTP max loaded with Blue Dot.

Al Thompson
October 14, 2001, 06:17 AM
444 - that 147 work well? Your the first person I've met that has used it on a live target. Details?


October 14, 2001, 01:16 PM
Gizmo, the 147s work, I will not be so bold as to compare it with anything else. I have made the mistake several times of chiming in on these threads about bullet performance, knowing full well that nobody on them is really interested in learning anything, they read something in a gun rag and their mind is made up. I can tell you this; the 147s do expand in targets that present much less resistance than a human would. I spend a lot of time in the field either hunting, hiking, or driving off road. I always carry several guns with me, which I roatate; I shoot one gun for a week or so, then I switch so that I can rotate the stock in my safe. For some reason, when I come to the RUger P89, I always see game, I guess it is my lucky pistol. It has fixed sights and shoots to POI with 147s. That is the only reason why I shoot that particular bullet. Last deer season, I shot a nice 4x4 mule deer which dropped like a stone to my '06. I immediatly put down my rifle, took off my backpack, got out my knives and stuff to start processing meat. I walked up to the deer and the deer jumped up and took off. I drew my P89 and shot it twice at about 15 yards using handloaded Remington Golden Sabre 147 grain HPs. Both bullets expanded nicely but did not fully penetrate the deer. The deer dropped instantly. In addition to that, I have now shot a coyote, jackrabbits, and chipmunks with the 147s and the exit wounds lead me to believe that the bullets expand, which seems to be the main complaint against the 147. The coyote was at a rather extreme range for an autoloading handgun in 9mm. Therefore we must assume that the velocity was low. Yet there was an exit wound with intestine hanging out; the hole was certainly bigger than the begining bullet diameter.

October 14, 2001, 01:45 PM
223, excellent choice, loves H-335 powder.

My choice = 6mm ack imp - 58 grain V-max behind 47.5 grains of Varget with CCI benchrest primers, [email protected] - .4moa

This loading is exremely deadly on any varmints out to 500 yards.

22-250 ack imp would also be excellent choice for long range varmint caliber.

Al Thompson
October 14, 2001, 03:06 PM
Thanks 444 - always like to have first hand accounts of real world experiance..

Agree completely about the gun rags!


October 14, 2001, 11:22 PM
For a gun that is to be used for 'yotes and nothing else, I have been severely tempted by a (enter favorite rifle here) chambered in .17 Rem.


It is good for anything from vole to 'yote size.

An article on the .17 Remington vs. coyotes and other ramblings.