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September 30, 2001, 06:35 PM
Hey guys!
I have been looking all over for a preowned Benelli Nova, but hardly anyone in this area even carries Benellis to begin with! I missed out on a nice 26 inch b with the three choke tubes for 250 last week by 10 minutes! Anyone know where I can find a preowned online? I've checked Gunbroker.com, but have only found new. I'm looking for used, because I have several other gun purchases to make in the next three months, and need to keep cost down. Thanks!!


September 30, 2001, 10:07 PM
I'm not even going to try to sound like an expert on shotguns, but I will tell you what a gunshop worker told me. He said, and I quote, "the nova is a piece of crap." He picked up the SG and showed me how much it rattled when he shook it explaining that the gun isn't well put together. He said that Benelli makes some of the best autos, but for a pump, you should stick to something like a remington 870. Simple, Cheap, and proven.

September 30, 2001, 10:20 PM
I agree with mellow..buy a browning..i own several benellis and swear by them..but I would not get a nova..my 2 cents..HK out

September 30, 2001, 11:13 PM
you guys , and your supposed gunsmith, dont even have a clue! Have you ever fired one? My guess is no. Just speculations on your part. My experience with the Nova has been totally positive, and I would rate them among the best value in pumps. I personally own two... a ghost ring riot gun that eats nothing but full power buckshot and slugs, not the pansy a$$ tactical stuff. this gun has never in the least let me down, and I trust it enough to bet me and my families' lives on it, as it is my primary home defense gun. I also own a 28 inch bbl. camo Nova that I've put more rounds through than I can count. I ran my first straight with this gun, and neither have ever given me the slightest problems. Can't say that about some of the various Remingtons of recent manufacture I've owned. I really don't mean to bash you fellows on a personal note, I just am a staunch champion of what I think is a underrated shotgun.

Pat Brophy

Billy Sparks
October 1, 2001, 06:50 AM
I have to agree with Popiscle on this. I currently own a Beretta 1201, Remington 11-87, Remington 870 and a Nova (in riot gun
configuration). The Nova has the least felt recoil (I did install
the recoil reducer), easiest handiling, and easiest cleaning of
them all. I originally shied away from the Nova because I thought it was cheap but handled one at a gun show and fell in love. Haven't looked back since.

October 1, 2001, 05:42 PM
Had the same experience as Billy. Initially, the gun was not appealing. After handling one, felt I should give it a chance. Sure it rattles a bit, but so does the 500/590 and 870 which is its intended target. [I wonder what that gunshop worker thinks of those guns?] It has performed very well and has about as much recoil as any other pump (minus the recoil reducer). Quality-wise, as compared to comparable models form other manufacturers, it is better internally and externally, IMO. It sits with my other Benellis (all Super90s).

October 1, 2001, 07:22 PM
Hey guys, I am very sorry if I offended any of you in any way with my post. I am constantly reminded by my wife to get my foot out of my mouth. I just feel very attached to the Nova. I literally have owned a lot of different pumps, and although they were mostly good with a few exceptions, the Nova has outshined them all. The only gun I liked better than my Nova's was an old 870 trap gun I used for A.T.A competition. I think the older 870's with fixed chokes were some of the best american made shotguns ever made, and I shot my way into A class in 4 shoots with this gun. Financial constraints have kept me from competing as of late. Anyhow, sorry to all offended.

Pat Brophy

October 1, 2001, 08:06 PM
I have to disagree strongly w/ mellow- I did some research before purchasing a HD shotgun and the Nova is one of the best values out there:

I can't complain about the ghost rings- tritium option as an accessory as well.

Extended mag tube available- no stupid tube dimples to deal with, although taking out the limiter was a PITA.

Nice handling characteristics, positive action.


The polymer receiver feels cheap.

The slide is way too big- precludes the use of a 6 round sidesaddle and a bit too wide.

No one stocks accessories for this gun- had to mail order the mag tube extension.

Now I need to accessorize the 870 to have a nice pair of pump action HD guns.


October 2, 2001, 04:28 AM
hey popsicle, no offense taken. I fully proclaim my ignorance about the actual performance and reliability of SGs, including the Nova. I was just passing on what one gunstore worker told me about them. In all honesty, I doubt that worker even shot the Nova. You n' I know that they don't always know what their talking about. Advice to viperbl1, . . . take the advice of those who have actually fired the Nova. With that said, I will now shut my mouth. :cool:

Al Thompson
October 2, 2001, 06:19 AM
In my 30 some years of being on both sides of gunshop counters, the amount of BS is truely staggering.

I much prefer to get opinions from folks on TFL - the signal to noise ratio vastly exceeds any gunshop commando.

Folks like Dave McQ or Erick or Geoff really have "seen the elephant" and their opinions have great merit.


October 7, 2001, 06:39 AM
This is like that guy who will pick up a 1911 at a gun show and find the tiniest wobble in the slide and say that gun is crap, "look at all of that movement," when the gun was designed to shoot better.

I do not know where you are in your shotgun buying, but when I was looking for my first last year, all of the gun shop guys in both Colorado, and now here here Ga promised that the only gun for me was a Superblack Hawk ($1100) and not an 870 of Nova.

Keep in mind that it is their job to not only sell you a gun, but maximize their profits doing so.

October 7, 2001, 02:24 PM
Thanks for all the replies everyone! As I'm sure most of you have read that I went ahead and bought a Nova, I will post my first impressions of it.

First off, I handled it at the gunshop, and it felt very VERY natural and intuitive. Yes the hammer does rattle when shaken. That's the only negative I can tell at this point. The rest of the gun feels VERY well put together, and natural to manuever. I bought the 26 inch barrel, and may look into purchasing an 18.5 barrel if I can find one, when I'm not using it for trap. I am heading out to the range in the next 15 minutes, so I'll let you know my thoughts!

Again, thanks for all the input!