View Full Version : Worth of a Model 1914 Mauser

Alex Johnson
September 29, 2001, 07:09 PM
I was looking at a model 1914 Mauser pistol in 32 Auto at our local gunstore this afternoon. The pistol is in good mechanical shape with quite a bit of blueing wear and is missing the magazine. The dealer offered it to me for $100, I found a source for of magazines, but I know little about the value of this pistol. It looks very well made and I thought it might make a good restoration project. Does this price sound reasonable? Thanks.

James K
September 29, 2001, 10:09 PM
Sort of depends. They are not a high-priced item, going for only about $350-400 in top condition, down to about $125 in 60%. But that is fully functional and with an original magazine.

If you want an interesting and collectible pistol for some fun shooting, the gun could be worth $100, though its collectibility is decreased by the wear and lack of a magazine. If you want a pistol for any serious purpose, pass. The caliber is not really adequate for defense, and the gun has a reputation for unreliability and parts breakage. Springs especially are notorious for breakage.

Further, unless you pay an arm or two, you will not get original magazines, but rather reproduction mags which may or may not function properly.


Alex Johnson
September 29, 2001, 11:32 PM
Thanks for the info. I don't have any plans for using it for defense, or probably anything more menacing than shooting at gophers in the back yard. I guess it caught my eye because it looked high quality and the metal is not worn down, just the blueing so I know it wouldn't be too difficult to refinish it. I think it would look pretty neat with a nice rust blue finish with fire blued screws and a straw colored trigger. I don't know, just a thought, it might make a good Christmas gift for my dad if I can get it done in time. Once again, thanks for the information.