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September 29, 2001, 03:09 AM
The local dealer has a Browning BPS 28ga with a 26'' barrel for $369 NIB that I've been looking at.

This gun has very nice stock(well for a BPS it does)--much nicer than all the other BPS's in the store--with quite a bit of figure.

I don't have any experience with a 28ga---only 12-16-and 20.

1. It seems like this would be a good "woods" gun---but how good would it be on pheasants and things larger than rabbits and squirrels?

2. Any general thoughts and opinions on BPS's and 28 gauges?

3. Is this a good price?

4. I know the shells will cost more---but how much do 28ga. shells usually go for?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

September 29, 2001, 11:12 AM
28 GA is the best! I almost bought a gun like the one you describe years ago. Wish I had picked it up now. It did have gorgeous wood too!

28 GA shells cost about as much as 410 shells, which means expensive. Average about $7.00 per box of 25. If you get a 28 better start reloading, with 28 ga the savings are worth it. (If you don't , hows about saving your hulls for me:D, OK it never hurts to ask!)

I am no hunter but I think the 28 might be a little light for Pheasant, especially those late season neurotic birds Dave McC always talks about. I would think quail and woodcock would be perfect for the 28.

Skeet with a 28 is absolute heaven, the little gun seems to be made for the game. I know some shooters who shoot higher scores with the 28 than their 12 and 20's. 28 throws nice patterns.

Maybe if more people start shooting 28's we can get the price of ammo down. It is also the perfect gauge to start kids and ladies with.

Buy the gun, you will love it!

Geoff Ross

28 GA hull hound :D