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September 29, 2001, 12:05 AM
I have been looking at the gun rags and window shopping for something new lately and two things caught my eye. The benelli M1 tactical w/pistol grip stock and short barrel (semi), and the Beretta M1201 have both peaked my interest. I already own two pump guns, 12 gauge REM 870s both. So I'll be sticking with 12 gauge.

I like the fact that both are semi since I have yet to own one yet. I like the fact that they are basically the evil black assualt shotgun kind of.
I have been looking for something basically as a home defense shotgun and a teaser too show my friends.
However I also want to be able to take it to the clay range and blast targets with it.

I am hoping that owners of these types could help me answer a few questions.

1.) Price on both.
2.) Effectivness on clay pigeons in skeet & trap. (without tooting my own horn I do pretty good for myself since I never received any teaching in this arena. About 90% hit ratio).
3.) How versatile are they with slugs? 00 and 000 shot?
4.) Which is the better HD gun?
5.) Any recoil differences?

Any other comments are greatly appreciated.

Will Beararms
September 29, 2001, 11:17 AM
Beretta owns Benelli and makes all barrels for Benelli. Beretta has the gas operated 391 series and the inertia operated 1201 which is an exact copy of the Super Black Eagle configuration.

To mix things up only Benelli makes the 3.5" magnum which in my opinion is not needed unless your trukey hunting. The new M4 is a hybrid of inertia operation and gas operation. The Marine Corps uses the M4 now.

If you want a durable gas operated shotgun, go with the Beretta for lower felt recoil and reliability with all makes and sizes of shells. If you shoot heavy loads and want a fast shooter, shoot Benelli.

Benelli is always $300-$400 more exoensive. I have used both and prefer the Beretta 390 design which was recently dropped for the 391 but can still be had at bargain pricing NIB.

If anyone doubts me on the Beretta relationship with Beretta, it's comon knowledge and was revealed this morning on the American Shooter television show.

The Beretta shotgun barrel is as good as they come. It has a chrome lined bore which offers great resistance to moisture and it is a joy to clean. I use Breakfree CLP only to clean mine and that's all that's ever needed.

October 1, 2001, 05:49 PM
"...Beretta relationship with Beretta,..."

I hope its pretty good and not anything schizophrenic.

Yeah yeah, we all know what you meant Will.:D

Beretta has owned Benelli almost a couple years now. They also own Franchi.