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Cain R
September 28, 2001, 09:26 PM
I am completely disgusted with some of my fellow "hunters". Hunters is to good for them. Complete morons is a better phrase. Just got back from the first week of a five week Bull Moose hunt. (The weather was in the low 80/90's all week, usually in the 50's this time of the year). No luck yet, but soon. Anyway this morning I counted 19 shots over the course of a 25 minute period. Felt like I was back in Bosnia, on my way back to the truck I came across the "great white hunter" and his 90 lb. baby doe Mule Deer. I'm assuming butt-head got an Anterless Mule Deer draw in WMU 330 and filled his tag on his first day out. The poor bloody animal was a bloody mess, guts hanging out from the body shot, legs broken etc. I was disgusted, it looked like a Mack truck had hit it. Our hero said "took lots-o killin but I finally got it." Of the 19 shots, only 3 hit it, the gut shot, the leg shot and finally the head shot that pooped out its eyeballs and ended the caranage. Seems butt-head just got a new rifle and this was only his second season hunting. If you can beleive it he asked me where the heart and lungs were, "I heard in my hunter training class thats a good spot to shoot for." Ugh!!! The range under 100 yards, the load 55gr Ballistic Tips in .243 Win, "the guy at the hardware said these don't kick much," my moronic friend said. After seeing that young shot-up doe its almost enough to make a guy pack up the rifle for good.:barf: :mad:

Art Eatman
September 28, 2001, 09:42 PM
Cain R, one of the things that pleases many of us "Old Hands" here at TFL is that we've helped a lot of newbies avoid just idiocy.

It's not just that "hunter", though. Think about the guy who sold him the ammo. Hard to believe the guy didn't know your "hunter" was gonna hunt!

I like the idea of public lands, and hunting on them. My opinion is that our private-land hunting in Texas is safer--albeit more expensive--because most groups here won't allow such idiots to hunt with them. Or, they'll attempt at least to educate such newbies...

I'd sure have hated to have been hunting off somewhere behind that doe!

I'll never quit hunting on account of some idiot, but I understand how you feel...

Best regards,


Molon Labe!
September 28, 2001, 11:49 PM
WAS he REALLY your friend? Or just a fellow hunter, I guess hunting for him is tearing up a young mule deer doe, thats just messed up. In 50 million years I would never do such a thing, make that never. You should report him to Fish&Game.