View Full Version : Ghost Ring tritium vs. Hi Viz - an economical question

September 27, 2001, 10:39 PM
I have a bone stock Remington 870. A couple things I want to do with it: Tactical light, Vang Comp, Houge Stock comp and better sights. SG will be used for HD. Question . . . How many feel the Ghost Ring gives significant advantages for HD purposes at most 15 yards? Yes it would be nice to have nice slug groups at 25 yards too. The problem is the economic factor. Two quality services I know of that put tritium ghost ring sights on an 870 is vang comp and wilson combat/scattergun tech. Both change enough to put a good dent in my pocket. Makes me look more to the hi-viz fiber optic clip-on sight for $20. No problem with low-light situation since ambient light from the tactical light is more than enough to make the fiber optic glow. But no rear ghost ring. Will my shot placement be greatly affected if I don't get the ghost ring. I wouldnt' want the improved pellet grouping ability of the vang comp to go to waste. Sorry so long. Thanks for the responses.

Dave McC
September 28, 2001, 06:58 AM
First, there's no big, red S on my chest.

But, I can use a plain old bead sighted 870 quite effectively inside 25 yards, which is the best range for shotguns anyway. Nice 25 yd slug groups are no prob, either, with a plain bead or that fiber optic job.

Both my "Serious" 870 have peeps, but they're for hunting and other longer range stuff,not defending my family and community.

One thing, the Vang SEEMS to be a really nice job, but overbore setups are reputed to ruin slug accuracy. Great for buck and shot, tho.

Finally, I suggest that you hold off on the addons. A stone stock 870 is an incredibly effective weapon in trained hands. Buy lots of ammo and get some training, if at all possible. After that, you'll be in a much better place to decide what mods and addons are good ideas and what are just to vacuum money out of your wallet.