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September 27, 2001, 07:27 PM
Hi folks! I have an Antonio Zoli SxS 20 gauge that I am fond of, an inheritance from my grandfather. A local gunmonger has a similar model in 12 gauge, 28" barrels, M&F, in about 90% condition, for $699, and I'm wondering if I should take it. Having inherited my 20 gauge, I'm not sure what these guns are "worth". Any help would be appreciated!

BTW, my 20 gauge is at least 35 years old; don't know the age of the 12 gauge in the shop, but I suspect it's younger. Are the newer ones as good as the old ones?
Thanks again!:p

Dave McC
September 28, 2001, 06:40 AM
There's some Zoli fans over on the Shooting Sportsman BB. You may get better info there.


October 3, 2001, 01:49 PM
Thanks Dave!
How do I get there from here? Do you have a web address for that BB?

Dave McC
October 4, 2001, 06:16 AM

Good board, and magazine, tho they focus in on more high ticket stuff than us blue collar types can afford.