View Full Version : deer feeder - feeding times?

September 27, 2001, 10:28 AM
Is there anyone out there with experience using timed deer feeders? I am wondering what the best times are to program the feeder to feed. My initial thoughts are 5am, 10am and 3pm, but that is just wild guessing on my part. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.


Art Eatman
September 27, 2001, 01:41 PM
You might contact Texas Wildlife Associates in San Antonio--they have a website--for what some of the big game ranches do.

Me, I've mostly seen feeders set for about sundown. The does will come right to a feeder, and the bucks hang out more around the edges of the brush. They may come on out in the open if it's getting on toward dark.

Mornings? Dunno for sure, but right at first light.

Funny how deer learn about feeding times. Nothing in sight whatsoever, and then about five minutes before it goes off, you'll see movement in the brush around the feeder.

Quail, doves and turkey follow the same behavior pattern, although doves show up at daylight; quail and turkey run 9AM or so and then again about 4PM in winter.

If you hunt a feeder, take a long-lens camera. You'll get some neat photos. Because of the smell from deer or birds, you'll have coyotes and bobcats wander through. Javelina will sure find a feeder. And, foxes will nibble corn...