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September 26, 2001, 11:22 PM
I was looking into purchasing a Benelli M1 Tactical instead of turning my 870 into a nice tactical/HD shotgun. I wanted to know though what kind and where can I get accessories for the Benelli M1 Tactical.

Like can i get a longer barrel if i wanted to shoot some skeet with it?

Is there a bigger mag extension?

Can I shoot slugs as well as 000 through it?

Mag side saddles?

Almost as important to me as knowing if this stuff exists is where I can get it and if i can get it off the net.

I really like the idea of getting a nice tactical?HD shogun. But for the money I'm giong to spend i should be able to take it to the skeet shoot for fun too.

Duke of Lawnchair
September 27, 2001, 12:58 AM

<Can I shoot slugs as well as 000 through it?

BTW, I love the M1 S90 :)

Hope this helps,

September 27, 2001, 01:48 AM
I put the Rhino rifled choke tube in mine and it does great with slugs. I've sometimes had Brennekes overlap holes at 50 yds. The tube is also supposed to provide a muzzle brake effect, but it's hard to tell with 3" Brennekes. They sting a little!

I also added the Surefire forend with the 9 volt light and high output lamp module. You can almost cook hotdogs on the wall with it.

I've heard that you're not allowed to put both a magazine extension and pistol grip on post-ban guns, but I could be wrong. I kept the regular stock (because it feels like my hunting shotguns) and added the mag extension.

One time I plugged the mag to two rounds, put in the modified choke, and took the Benelli quail hunting. My friends laughed until I dropped two birds out of the first flush. I'm not sure you'd need a longer barrel for recreational shooting, but I believe they are available (just expensive).

I've got the TacStar sidesaddle carrier for extra capacity.

I am planning on installing a tritium front sight. I have one on a Mossberg and I like it.

The Benelli is a slick scattergun----you won't be disappointed.

September 27, 2001, 08:36 AM
You can get longer barrels (as well as ones camo-ed) for hunting/clay pigeons. Might want to try CDNN, they occasionally have M1 barrels.

There are longer mag extensions for the M1 but you a cannot put them on a gun with a pistol grip. You can if you replace the pistol grip with a regular stock if you want high capacity. You can increase the capacity of the M1 with a short barrel to 7+1. If you decide to configure it to an M1 Practical, a mag to allow 10 rounds can be had.

Slugs and 000 are a bit punishing but can be done.

If you are using normal or light loads, a loaded side saddle (and fore end light) will reduce recoil impulse and cause the M1 to FTE/FTF.

The barrels for Super90s are relatively expensive, particularly the M1 and M3. An alternative would be to get a NOVA configured for hunting.

September 27, 2001, 04:18 PM
I've never shot any really light loads through mine, but it has never failed to chamber or eject with normal or hot loads. Ron may have had a lot more experience with Benellis than I have, so I am not disputing what he says. However, if extra weight caused such problems, why would they not show up with the longer barrel and magazine of the practical model? Is it somehow adjusted to cycle properly with the greater weight? Again, I'm not arguing about it, simply curious about the phenomenon. Any further insight that you can provide would be appreciated. I certainly don't want compromised reliability.

October 1, 2001, 05:58 PM
You know? swsurgeon has a very good point. I do have to say that I've never tried putting a side saddle on any of my guns and only read of what others have experienced with their Super90s with add-ons here and on other boards. Also, as swsurgeon points out, I've never had a problem with my Practical when fully loaded, although it was loaded with heavier than target load rounds. The number of additional rounds in the Practical mag, though, is less than what would be loaded in a side saddle.

Since I have no first hand experience of the FTF and FTE with side saddles/lights I have to retract that statement.