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September 24, 2001, 01:12 AM
This will sound like a stupid question to some, but for those that live in states that allow loaded firearms in the passenger compartment of a vehicle, have you ever purchased (or considered purchasing) one of those vertical shotgun mounts like many police cars have? I have thought about them for some time and I see a couple of pro's and con's.


Easy access without interfering with vehicle operation.

If you invest in the type with the electronic lock, it would keep your shotgun secure should you leave your vehicle briefly.

Eliminates any doubt of wether or not it was in plain view (where law applies).

Intimidation factor - could be just as effective as having a rifle/shotgun in the back window of your pickup which is a great prevenative for those that we share the road with and may become enraged easily by minor traffic problems.


May make your vehicle more attractive to thieves.

Can interfere with some passenger side airbags.

May irritate some law enforcement officials that think they are being imitated (although the act of having a shotgun cannot get you charged with anything if allowed by your state or local laws).


So what are your views on this? For those that are not familiar, the electronic locking model I mentioned above works typically like this: To remove the shotgun, the engine must be running and a switch/button must be activated at the same time. The switch or button should not be labeled unless the label is a lie. Police departments have been known to label the switch as something like "Takedown Lights". Do y'all think I am nuts now? :(

Al Thompson
September 24, 2001, 05:07 AM
I know one guy who has that rig in his truck. Works for him. As you mentioned, your local laws will dictate your use. :(