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September 23, 2001, 11:17 PM
I am really new to the world of shotguns. I am looking to buy a pump action shotgun. I plan to use it just about everything(sport, hunting and defence). So I believe Im looking for a very versatile shotgun, that will shoot anything. Is there a shotgun that will do everything? I have had my eye on a Benelli nova, but I also like the mossberg 500s and 590s, Ithica 37 and the remington 870. Like I said I am really new to this, and any help/info is appreciated.
Thank You

September 23, 2001, 11:30 PM
Some companies like Mossberg and Remington offer combo packages with a shorter barrel and a longer one. Such setups can make for a versatile system that nicely encompass clay shooting, hunting, and defense. Another key is interchangeable chokes that allow you to control shot spread for different applications.

Probably the cheapest set-up I can think of is a basic Remington 870 Express--comes with a 28" barrel and a modified choke. Runs about $200 to $250, depending on where you are. The 28" barrel works fine for upland bird hunting and clays, and can even be pressed into duty for turkey hunting with an XF choke. Then for about $120 more, you can get a rifle-sighted IC 20" Express barrel from Cabelas. The short barrel is perfect for HD, and works well for deer hunting with rifled slugs.

Remington actually markets this combo as a package. However, I've never personally found it as cheap as buying the gun and the extra barrel separately. Again, it depends on where you are.

Another frame of thought is to buy a gun with one medium-length barrel of, say, around 24". With interchangeable chokes and practice, you can make it do most anything you want.

Dave McC
September 24, 2001, 06:27 AM
Guyon preaches gospel, Kid. While other shotguns are good weapons/tools,the 870 has the well earned rep of getting the job done, no matter what. In over 40 years of widely varied usage, mine have never glitched.

An "Everything" shotgun is a compromise, and like all compromises, doesn't do a single thing as well as a more specialized tool for that mission will.

A Plain Jane Police style 870 with a Cylinder choked 18" bbl does well for its purpose, makes a good quail or grouse gun, but is a bit muzzle light for trap or long range waterfowling. It's alos less choke than optimum for those activities.

Choke tubes make an 870 more versatile, but it's still a compromise. Some activities demand different balance and handling, and no tube will do that.

A good approach is to find a used 870, set it up to fit you, and then buy whatever aftermarket bbls and chokes you want/need.

Search the Archives, there's tons of input on this....

Dan Morris
September 24, 2001, 06:35 AM
While the other brands are good, I'd still give my vote to the 870.
I've used them for many years and have no complaints.