View Full Version : Stoeger Model 2000?

September 20, 2001, 07:28 AM
My first post! I was in my local gun shop yesterday nosing around for a new waterfowl gun (which I don't really need but when has that stopped me). While I was looking at a Benelli the salesman handed me a Stoeger 2000. It was almost identical to a Montefeltro. I held it side by side to the Benelli and the bolt, carrier, bolt release, etc. all looked to be almost inerchangeable. the clincher was the price: just over $400! My questions to you guys are: Anyone out there seen them before? Shot one? Are they as reliable as a Benelli? I see the address stamped on the barrel is Accoceek (sp?), MD,made in Italy. Isn't that where Berettas come into the country? Thanks!