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September 19, 2001, 01:10 AM
Occasionally...OK, often...my mind wanders into Maxinum Knock Down Power territory. Of all the stuff I have shot so far, a 12ga jacketed Federal 3" Magnum slug seems to have been the best. It did a good number on my shoulder too, but I am not too concerned with that. My questions are:

1) I shot those slugs from a Mossberg 500. Will a Mossberg 500 hold up if fed a steady diet of them?

2) If not, what would be the ideal shotgun? (I would like to stay with pumps.)

3) Is there a more powerful 12ga round in existance? I am concerned with knock down power and penetration.

4) Do the rubber pads on the butt of a stock really help?

Dave McC
September 19, 2001, 06:34 AM
1, probably. For an alloy framed shotgun, the 500 has a good rep for durability.

2, it's like finding the right woman. If I were searching for a new slug gun, two of the first I'd try would be an 870(Surprise!) or the Ithaca 37/87.

3,I doubt there's any such. What are you going after, Mastodon or Velociraptors? 2 3/4" slugs do not exactly just bounce off critters,even big mean bears.IMO, the only thing 3 inch slugs do better than the shorter versions is go through my money faster and hurt more.

4,Heck, yes. I doubt there's another mod that gives as much relief for the money. I like the Decellerator by Pachmyer, tho even the standard Remington pad with the trestle layout works well.

There's a mess of old threads on these issues in the archives, research here may keep you from having to reinvent the wheel.....

September 19, 2001, 01:18 PM
What are you going after, Mastodon or Velociraptors?
Well after I move, one of my job prospects is very high risk. I am not sure what their weapon policies are yet, but I want to keep my options open. So, basically human, possibly wrapped in kevlar, and only if they come after me first. ;)

Dave McC
September 19, 2001, 01:52 PM
High risk just doesn't appeal to me anymore, but if I were headed to a hot zone, I'd check with the specialty ammo folks like Garrett and see if there's a penetrator in 12 ga ammo. If not, some 7.62X 39 steel core or blacktip NATO stuff might be the ticket.

Third choice would be something like the Rottweil Brenneke, bashing them hard, Kevlar or no...

September 20, 2001, 04:22 AM
Should I consider a rifled barrel if I put together a dedicated slug gun? Will rifling affect velocity at all?

Dave McC
September 20, 2001, 05:46 AM
IMO, Hot Zones almost demand buckshot, if one uses a shotgun at all.So,rifled bbls are a bad idea.

A "Serious" shotgun may or may not be the best choice here. Much as I love shotguns, if it's a free fire zone(or if the opposition thinks so), I'll take an M-14.Shotguns are superb close range tools, but not all action is within 25 yards, even in jungles and urban areas.

If you're limited to a shotgun for some reason, a short bbled 870 with a 2-3 shot extension, peep sight,sling,etc, would be an excellent choice. Zero with either slugs or buck, then find where the other ammo hits with that zero.

September 20, 2001, 06:38 AM
Thanks for all the help, Dave. I am considering this for close range only. If a threat is far enough away, I will do my best to retreat. One reason I am looking to a hard hitting slug is, I figure if I don't penetrate what a perp is wearing, I have a pretty good chance at breaking some rib bones. ;)

Dave McC
September 20, 2001, 06:58 AM
I've had reports of slugs and buck incapacitating Kevlar'd folks by doing internal damage through the vest, but it's all secondhand. Two hits are suggested for this. The San Quentin drill might be the best takedown for armored foes.

If you've any other queries about going into a Hot area, feel free to PM me.