View Full Version : First try at a picture (P.38)

September 18, 2001, 08:56 PM
Well, Here is my first try. This is a 1969 P.38

It has only been fired at the factory and came with a military style clam shell holster.

September 19, 2001, 05:21 PM
Looks like a nice gun. I'd suggest that for pictures you make them a little bigger, around 500 x 400 is a nice size. It's not too big for slower connections, but you get decent detail.

September 19, 2001, 09:37 PM
Ok, I'll try a bigger picture next time.

Herr Walther
October 14, 2001, 10:28 AM
Devin, I usually try to get the size on my scanner program to show around 250 to 300Kb on the preview for a good size picture to post.

I've never measured in pixel size before.

October 14, 2001, 12:40 PM
Actually, the size on the scanner that I'd shoot for is around 600-800k. Remember, this is the uncompressed size, and it'll be a much smaller JPG file. I also do a little color correction and sharpening on the finished image before posting. I haven't used a scanner for my pictures in some time, since I have a digital camera. :)

Herr Walther
October 14, 2001, 01:10 PM
My problem is with the software that came with my scanner, I think. maybe I've been doing something wrong for the past four years and don't know it.

After scanning for a final image, the images look normal size after
viewing them in Pagemanager.

If I save them in My Documents and then view them, they are huge! Going right off of the page. I don't dare try and e-mail something this size. It would take hours at 56K baud.

I wish I had software that would give me an accurate size image during the preview and final scan.

I end up reducing the size for scan from 100% to usually 14-16%
of actual size to get a normal size image.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

October 14, 2001, 03:58 PM
I'll play around with it a little more. Maybe I'll scan in my new P99QA Military's. I may have to use a camera however.

thanks for the advice.


October 14, 2001, 09:27 PM
Herr Walther,

What format are you saving them in? I always save in JPEG format for the web, since they're compressed. Many scanner drivers bring them in as TIFF or BMP files, they're not compressed and indeed huge. A 512x384 resolution image should be in the 20-40 kilobyte range in a JPEG file, no problem for even fairly slow connections. However, a 16m color image at 512x384 in BMP is 589,824 bytes, and slow connections will choke on that! :)

As far as the resolution, I suspect that Pagemanager (whatever that is) autosizes them for viewing. I've scanned thing with my scanner that were over 100 megabytes when they were scanned! A full 8x11 page scanned at 600x600 DPI and 16 million colors will end up being a 90 megabyte TIF or BMP file, and even in JPG it'll be huge!