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Gary H
September 14, 2001, 09:38 AM
Many threads are being closed because the administrators feels that the posts are offensive, but I disagree with this approach. Others are posting and refuting these folks. I don't think that censorship will serve this board well. Perhaps all of this terrorists talk should be funneled into a new temporary area of the board. That would free the folks that don't want to view all of this to be able to find other posts within the "General" and "Legal" area.

Rich Lucibella
September 14, 2001, 11:08 AM
I agree that the Membership is TFL's best asset. On the whole, they never let us down.

We've considered allowing the Members to resolve these issues. The problem is that it sends a message to new Members that they need only suffer polite debate as payback for outrageous behavior. None of us can remain civil for long under such onslaught. Thus the need for Staff closings.

Fear not, the attitude and mentality of the vast majority of rational Members, speaking with quiet rage. drowns out the few loud voices calling for indiscriminate bloodshed.

On behalf of the Staff, we thank the Members for their efforts.
Rich Lucibella

September 14, 2001, 11:28 AM

I've seen only one thread closed in Legal & Political and General Discussion in the past 24 hours.

Are there others?

Please give the following announcement a read and then let us know if you still have concerns. http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/announcement.php?s=&forumid=12

Thanks. :)


September 18, 2001, 04:29 AM
"Temporary TFL Shutdown Coming (09-17-2001 until 10-18-2001)"

Sho hope that's a typo:D

Rich Lucibella
September 18, 2001, 07:48 AM
That's the date the Announcement expires.

September 18, 2001, 08:18 AM