View Full Version : ruger #1 disassembly

Jerry Terrell
September 11, 2001, 11:59 AM
Mr. Nolden, I'm a new member. I posted on the smith forum about disassembly instructions for the ruger #1 rifle. The only response I got was to call ruger for a manual. Well I have the ruger manual that came with the rifle and it doesn't have the instruction for diassembly. I have search for a book that is ruger #1 specific and haven't found one. The books by Mr. Hass seem to have the instructions but I have enough books and catologs without adding a book on 60 different rifles to them. If you know of a source for the ruger #1 info I would greatly apprecitate it. Regards, Jerry

Harley Nolden
September 11, 2001, 01:12 PM

As they say in the Artillary, "on the way, wait" I have sent them by separate email.:D