View Full Version : Upper Peninsula Grouse

September 9, 2001, 04:33 PM
I'm going to school in the great U.P. (Houghton to be exact) and I'm trying to find some good places to do some bird hunting this fall. Being from Northern WI, I know where to hunt down there and probably will a few times this fall. Still, I'd like to find something closer...a few places I can jet out to after classes and relieve some stress if need be :) The terrain is much more hilly and rocky up here, and the forests seem to be managed a little bit differently as well. I haven't found any clearcut popple regrowth that I hunt so much back in WI. But...maybe I'm just not looking hard enough...I haven't exactly been able to spend a lot of time scouting...most of my time is spent on homework :mad: any help is always appreciated.